Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vamos Rafa!!!

Rafael Nadal is a number one player in the world. Additionally he's kind, totally normal and extremely handsome. I'm really happy that he finally got a feature in "Vogue" magazine. In my opinion pictures taken by Bruce Weber are really amazing and showing a true beauty of Rafa. Tennis is my favorite sport, I've been playing it ever since I was seven years old. My idol back then was Pete Sampras, an amazing player, who could do basically everything with his racquet. After his retirement in 2003 I wasn't able to find his replacement for quite some time. Then suddenly in 2005 during French Roland Garros tournament I've discovered Rafa. A guy who's same age as me, playing with this amazing power and passion for the game. I've become his fan right away and now I am proud to say I was right. That French Open in 2005 was his first Grand Slam won but not the last one. Since then he was basically unbeatable on clay and won four consecutive times in a row in Paris. Last Sunday Roland Garros 2009 started and Rafa has a chance to achieve it for the 5th time. I keep my fingers crossed for him and cheer on him during every game watched on Eurosport. Hope to see him live in action one day - maybe in Melbourne next year. Vamos Rafa!!!!

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