Sunday, November 24, 2013

Polish Angels

Victoria's Secret fashion show is one of those events like Oscars or Golden Globes. You just keep on waiting each year anticipating the big day. This year is not any different. With the show being filmed this week we already got some sneak peek what's ahead of us before we will see it on TVs in December. I for one cannot wait!

Pictures that appeared online only few minutes after the show - thanks to social media - made it possible for us to enjoy all the looks and backstage fun. (Thank you Instagram!). I am especially proud this year since 3 Polish models participated in the big show! Magdalena Frackowiak, Kasia Struss and Monika JAC Jagaciak. Love them all very much but have to admit that Magdalena definitely stood out of the three. The pictures and little videos from those lucky enough to be participating in the show show are the best adverts for the show. And now I believe all of us cannot wait for the whole thing to be out finally. Until then web is our friend.

'Till next time

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