Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 things I am looking forward to during Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is finally here! After New York, London and Milano, the big finale is upon us. All the big fashion houses are here – Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton. All the celebrities, bloggers and models are also ready to roll. Today I am going to share with you three things that I am most excited about for days to come.

1. Louis Vuitton show - Nicolas Ghesquière’s first big night!
Ghesquière is one of the most talented designers of his generation. I am a true fan of his ever since his impeccable job he’s shown at Balenciaga. After the news broke of him replacing Marc Jacobs in the French fashion house I couldn't stop thinking what would he bring to the table? Mark your calendars – March 5th at 10 am.  
2. French Voguettes
As ‘Vogue’’s biggest fan and even bigger one of ‘Vogue Paris’ crew I cannot wait for all the outings of the magazine’s crew. Leading lady Emmanuelle Alt and her entourage Geraldine Saglio, Capucine Safyurtlu are always the ones to watch. Cannot wait for all the pics representing classic French chic.
3. Chanel
Chanel shows are the most epic ones. Karl Lagerfeld every season brings it and creates a totally new magical world for all us to enjoy.  I am very much looking forward to what else he’s hiding in his sleeve.
And what are you looking forward to?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey, what's that on your back?

People are crazy about the backpacks ... those Chanel ones especially. Ever since they showed up on the runway, in the ads and on Kristen Stewart arm, the world got mad!  And finally they landed in stores – at Colette in Paris anyways.
According to the online sources, Chanel's Art School Backpack will cost around $3400! This might shock some but I’m quite sure that the price for many would not be a problem especially since it’s become already ‘it’ product of the season.
I wonder why would we want to go back in time and throw on a backpack like in the school years while back and forget for a moment about some classic totes? Is it a trend? A fashion statement? Or is it simply comfortable?
I’d say it’s a little bit of everything. Spring/Summer time is definitely  a moment  when we can hide our heavy totes in the corner and use something more fun, lighter and comfy. Who wouldn’t want for once have our hands free for a day? I know I would and backpacks are the ones to give us this freedom. I am still in the search for my special one. I am not going to splurge on Chanel one (2.55 has to come first J) but there are so many great ones available both in the designer stores and on high street.
What do you think about the backpack trend? Are you going to get one this season?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fast Fashion

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Just as it was stated on his t-shirt, Jeremy Scott showed that maybe he does not speak Italian but he definitely does know the language of Moschino. His collection for Italian brand that was shown during ongoing Milan Fashion Week  is already a huge success and bloggers and fashionistas all around the world proudly choose Scott’s designs and accessories for their street fashion styling.

Jeremy Scott is in my opinion Andy Warhol of our ages. In the times when we forget sometimes that fashion is simply fashion and is taken way too much seriously, he brilliantly reminds us it’s another way around while mixing haute couture with the cartoonish and fast food symbols of our times. Scott as always has fun with what he’s doing. He knows his pop culture and is not afraid to use it. Chanel inspired suit looks in his opinion just as good in McDonald’s red and yellow colors as in Chanel’s classic white.

It was Jeremy’s first collection for Italian brand after his appointment to the creative director role last year. He was definitely inspired by Moschino’s creator Franco Moschino who was never afraid to poke big names of fashion world. Apparently he was once even sued by Chanel  for taking the inspiration part way too far. Not anymore though. Jeremy’s playful and fresh approach keeps him unpunished. And we like it! Scott seems to be saying that fast fashion just like fast food comes and goes very quickly. And that’s good since his next collection will arrive on the runway and in stores in the next 6 months and we need to enjoy his latest collection while we can.

Right after the show Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad was seen holding her iPhone with a new case from Moschino collection. It looked just like the models on the runway presenting ‘McDonalds’s‘Happy Meals' and I’m sure will become the biggest hit from the collection.

Runaway capsule collection is already available on the Moschino’s website and in stores. The iphone case from the collection can be yours for EUR 48 and “Happy Meal” leather bag for EUR 599,00.  

What do you think about Jeremy’s collection?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vogue Festival 2014 booked!

I am so excited to be going to the Vogue Festival 2014 next month in London! So many meeting with such fantastic guests. Yeahhh! Among others the guest will include Phoebe Philo, Manolo Blahnik, Karlie Kloss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alexa Chung and many others! Stay tuned to see check out my coverage of the event. The countdown is starting