Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Summer Style 09 or 10?

Hey Everybody!
I'm back after a break, and after personal journey. Big news : I've moved to Sydney, Australia. It's pretty amazing out here! I've heard Australia is one of those places you just want to be but after I got here I've realized how lucky I am. People in Europe freezing but here in Australia we have SUMMER. Actually it's arriving very soon with almost 40 C degrees yesterday when all you wanted to do was to get as soon as possible to Bondi Beach and dive into ocean's waves.
It's really amazing to have two summers in a row. The European one was pretty great but I've spent most of it working so wasn't really enjoying it. This time I got a second chance and I'm going to use it! This summer subject got me all thinking about one crucial thing. Last July/August I was prepared. Prepared for the summer obviously, knew all the trends and what I wanted to get. This time of year and with Australian summer I have one small question. Which season is it in here now??!! On one hand it could be Summer 2009 but then maybe Aussies are the season ahead and already getting the 2010 Summer trends? Believe me when I say it really could be quite challenging to figure this out but hopefully I will. Probably with the street style observation plus the help of Aussie Vogue and In Style, I will manage. I'm going to research now! Write you soon!
There is only one sad part about living in Australia - no H&M stores. Meaning? No Jimmy Choo Collection for H&M ;( You guys have no idea how sad I am. But I'm looking forward to hearing what all of you have to say about all those beautiful bags and clutches ... OK I really must go. The beach is the only place that can save me ;)