Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mademoiselle C

Simply cannot wait until it comes out ... Carine Roitfeld forever!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Favorites from NYFW S/S 2014

It was just starting and now it’s over, the first of all Fashion Weeks – New York City edition is a dream to participate in. It’s my biggest dream to be a part of this even at least for one show someday. Last year on my US vacation I spent few days in New York and went to Lincoln Center during NYFW. It was amazing to see all of those stylish people, models, journalists, bloggers. It gave me a little glimpse into this world and how it’s being done New York style. Hopefully one day I will be able to get inside (dream on J) but for now as a true fashion lover together with a half of the world I was following the shows, street fashion and surrounding events of New York Fashion Week. Before we’ll all go to London, check out my very subjective list of everything that I loved about this past NYFW!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Check please!

It’s one of the most important trends to wear this fall. Checkers took the fashion world by storm and after returning to the runways last March, they are finally available in stores. For this season when you think checkers – you must think Moschino. There is no other way. Their whole fashion show for F/W 2013 was evolving around checkered pants and  blazers. Love it!

As much as I’d love to get the whole collection from Moschino’s online store not everybody (yet J) can afford trousers for 708 euros though. Thankfully here comes Mango with their version of checkered trousers for only €30!  They come in two color versions so you can choose either red or blue. For me it definitely must be red and I will be checking them out on my next trip to Mango!

And what do you think about checkered clothes for the new season?

on the left: Mango; on the right: Moschino


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting ready for fall

The hot days are over – er, the hot days are over ... In Poland at least. After extremely hot summer time, the leaves are falling down and it seems that the season change is inevitable. Even though I love sun and warm days, I am a fall girl. Being born in September for me this time of year was always associated with gifts, new clothes and getting ready for school which I loved!

Now being in my late twenties (OMG should I even say that?!) I still enjoy the time when fall comes. It’s mostly because of the September Vogues arriving in my mail J. And of course what can be better than prepping your wardrobe for the colder months! All those new collections of jackets, trousers, blazers, boots, hats ... oh my ... I could go on and on.

When it comes to shopping for fall and winter it’s always a little bit tricky. You want to focus on staying warm and at the same time staying trendy. Plus good quality leather boots or warm coats don’t come with a low price tag. Here comes good planning skills. Firstly think about the staples. Those are the pieces you simply WILL NOT survive the season without. Depending on where you live, it could be either a warm jacket, shoes or a cool hat. It must be something of good quality that would last you at least a season (I am always opting for longer J) without getting ruined or worn out. For those of you lucky people living in California – a good quality cardigan could be that great investment. Those pieces must be selected carefully and ideally would match your vision of style with those basic needs of making you warm and comfy.

If you are lucky enough and still have some money on your credit card (J) after getting what you needed, you can spend a little more on something that you maybe not NEED per se but would love to own. A nice cashmere sweater or leather gloves might have been on your wish list for ages and now could be a good time to get them.

While browsing the web, I’ve come across few items that for sure I will be adding to my wardrobe this season. I haven’t gotten any updated staples for my fall collection for about 2 years now and it’s TIME to change that. I’ve tried on various coats and boots in the last couple of days and now I’ve finally come to a conclusion.

My coat of a choice would be a classic, simple black Mango coat. Perfect for Paris (yes, lately everything has to be ready for a trip to Paris in October J) but the truth is this black coat is such a staple! I love black, I wear a lot of black, and this would be something that would keep me warm and stylish.  

While in Massimo Dutti I’ve seen the most AMAZING boots. I think they are absolutely the most gorgeous ones I’ve seen this season so far. I’ve fallen in love with them and they are number one on my list! The other pair I’d wear like crazy for sure would be my Isabel Marant’s Bekkets. Also in black (here comes a shocker J). I love them cause they make me taller but at the same time are extremely comfortable!  I know I am pretty boring with all black but I will be paring it with my favorite of the moment which is a Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus, which I love and which is a perfect red – coral combination for my lips. Together with Topshop skinny jeans, nice blazer and a cool scarf I am ready to face this chilly fall weather.

And what staples are you planning to get this fall?


Malgosia Bela in white

It was quite a surprise and a little shock! One of the modeling icons, and one of my favorite Polish models – Malgosia Bela - got married this past weekend! Her new husband is a French journalist - Jean-Yves Le Fur, who is also the founder of the Numéro Magazine. The couple got married in Italy on an Island Ligalli in a private ceremony. In attendance among a small group of friends and family was other fashion icon and Malgosia’s friend – Kate Moss.

First came an Instagram photo and now Purple Magazine showed on their website the whole shoot from the event! You can get an idea about how the wedding went down. Very down to earth - hobo style. And Malgosia looked divine in a simple white dress and a floral garland headpiece. What a class!
Congratulations to the happy couple! What do you think about Malgosia’s wedding dress?
All pics come from Purple Magazine website.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All eyes on Kenzo

Kenzo got us all excited again about the brand with last year’s tiger images presented on their sweatshirts which were sold out almost immediately from their stores all around the world. Tiger inspired sweaters and t-shirts then appeared in most collections in other high street brands. Everybody wanted to have a piece of tiger ...

This season French label comes back with another image. And this time it’s all about eyes. Some say it’s creepy, some say it’s intriguing. I find the prints really interesting. In the world of fashion, beauty and art – what a better way to show that you must keep your eyes open at all times! I will be definitely checking the prints out while in Paris next month. Hopefully the collection is still available in their stores out there.
And what do you think about Kenzo’s collection?

Photos: www.luisaviaroma.com

Monday, September 9, 2013

NYFW S/S 2014 – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's newest collection shown just yesterday in New York represents everything I’ve been associating Victoria’s style with for a few years now – a classic shape. I love how Victoria plays with shape which makes her designs so universal. I remember few seasons ago a dress by her that was worn by models and celebrities in sizes from 0 to 16. Even though Beckham has been a size ‘0’ for a long time now, she knows how to design dresses for every body and I love it!

This season is not different. She’s prepared a collection full of classic cuts, black and white pants and blazers that can either be worn to a business meeting or during casual weekends. The whole collections is full of visibly comfortable clothes, nothing too body conscious (maybe except of those cool triangle dresses). I am especially in love with black cropped pants that I believe Victoria herself wore to the show. They seem like a pair that could be worn with everything and that’s definitely something I would love to add to my wardrobe.
As a Spice Girls fan all of those years ago I would have never guessed that Victoria could turn out to be such a great designer whose work I would admire and clothes would desire.

Photos: style.com