Monday, March 7, 2011

Be on time with style

Some time ago I had a little accident with my watch, my beloved black Swatch got broken and it couldn’t be repaired. I loved this watch since it was both a watch and a cool, black bracelet. Sometimes people got confused whether it’s a watch or a bracelet. Since my accident I’ve been looking for a perfect watch to put on my hand. I’ve been wanting to get a designer watch for some time now but the prices kept on scaring me a little. Plus I wasn’t sure whether I want a little classic watch on a leather strip or a “manly” massive one. Should I choose a black or silver  - the one that goes with everything or an original one that is out of ordinary.  It’s a tough choice since a watch is not something you buy every month. But maybe it could be?

Recently I got acquainted with a company called Stamps. They make these cool watches that look like stamps, you can choose from many different models, strips and have lots of fun with them! Maybe after all there is no point in spending this great amount of money on one designer watch and instead it’s a good way to get lots of different stamps? 

Some ideas for my stamps

This season I fell in love with two watches from Lacoste and as every season Calvin Klein hunts me. The bracelet watch advertised by Lara Stone looks beautiful but when I put it on my hand it didn’t look as good. It was pretty heavy and didn’t stick to the hand as I thought it would but still it is fabulous! Maybe if I made it a little bit smaller …

The two Lacoste watches are lots of fun! Big round watch with a narrow leather strip. It looks really interesting. The black one looks more professional while the green one makes it fun for the summer time. Both watches cost $138.

And coming back to Stamps. They seem to be so much fun. I’ve browsed through many different ones and came up with some ideas for what I would want to have. The best thing about them is that each of them costs $27 and you can switch them with different wristbands  (starting at $23) all the time you want. Especially since this season is so colorful it would be great to have fun with different styles and colors! On the Stamps website you can play and try to create your own watch

So what do you think – which watch would be the best choice?

Lively as always

Blake Lively has everything a girl can dream of. She is a star of a major tv – series, she gets to dress designer pieces everyday and she even doesn’t have to pay for it! Now she can add two new labels : being the ambassador of Chanel handbags’ campaign and a muse to Christian Louboutin (he just named a pair of his shoes after Blake). Yes, Blake has it all. And now on top of it, she had a dinner held last Saturday in Paris by Chanel to honour her being its handbag ambassador.

Today we also had an opportunity to see her first ad for Chanel thanks to Women Wear Daily. I must say I actually like this ad and really didn’t expect it. Blake looks really sophisticated and tres chic! Additionally the picture's exposure equally both a model and a product. Cannot wait to see the rest of the campaign. I want this handbag!

Blake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld at the Paris Party wearing her favorite Loubs

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Few hours in Brussels

Le Grande Place

Due to my working commitments I had an opportunity to spend some quality time in the Belgian Capital. Besides the few things Brusells is famous for like chocolates, European Parliament and the most beautiful Main Square. The great designers like Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester or Martin Margiela.
Each city has this most important street. New York has Fifth Avenue, Paris has the Champs Elysées, Barcelona the Ramblas. For Brusells it’s Boulevard de Waterloo. 

To indulge in a luxurious shopping spree get to the closest Metro and get out on the Luiza stop. Ten start your walk along the Boulevard to see the great designers shops including Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Zegna, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and many more! The big windows give the opportunity to see all the newest models of clothes and accessories. I must say that my favorite one was the Chanel. Especially those shoes! Maybe Brussels is no Paris but it has nice shopping possibilities to offer as well.

Manekin Pis - a symbol of Brussels

Chanel store's window at Boulevard de Waterloo

Beautiful Chanel shoes

Keira - an actress in three acts

Keira Knightley is an amazing actress, fashion conscious person and a face for Mademoiselle Chanel perfume. She's talented, beautiful and only 25 years old. This last two months she graced few covers and nice editorials due to few of her movies hitting the big screen including The London Boulevard and Never Let Me Go. It amazes me sometimes how the eds can change an image of one person. From a lady to a vamp. It can be very minimalistic and then full of colours and make up. In those three eds I wanted to present in this post, this is what happens with the image of Keira Knightley. Three different approaches and images of one great actress.

My favorite shoot was published in Vogue Italia. It was actually the main reason to get this issue since I fell in love with Ellen von Unwerth's pictures first moment I saw them. Keira looks simply amazing, a mixture of her English rose image with a confident, sexy girl. What an ed! And so different from the other ones. In Vogue UK she's channelling the new glamour and in Elle UK we can see a very simple Keira wearing minimalistic clothes from Tom Ford's new collection.

And what do you think? Which Keira is your favourite?

Vogue Italia January 2011
Keira Knightley by Ellen von Unwerth
Fashion editor: Leith Clark

Vogue UK January 2011
Keira Knightley by Mario Testino
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers

Elle UK March 2011
Keira Knightley by Terrytsiolis
Styled by: Anne - Marie Curtis

If I was a rich girl … S/S2011 wardrobe

The Fashion Weeks have already started but before we’ll learn all about what to wear for the fall and winter of 2011/2012 there is still a new season in front of us! And my – what a season that is! Mostly it’s all about the colors and I love it! While playing with my imaginary shopping e-bag at Net-a-porter, I've created 4 looks that combine the new trends with what I love and what I would wear to work/date/shopping spree. I really love the new season and cannot wait for the warm weather to come already!

Look 1

Alastrina printed stretch-silk dress, Diane Von Furstenberg, 465 euros
Suede block sandals, Marni, 365 euros
Victoria Beckham Modern cat-eye frame acetate sunglasses, 380 euros
Lanvin Amalia Trousse quilted patent-leather clutch, 385 euros

Look 2

Alexander McQueen Fine -knit wool dress, 725 euros
Tribute patent-leather sandals, YSL, 595 euros
Jill Sander market leather bag 717,47 euros
Marni rope and chain necklace, 427 euros

Look 3
Marni rope and chain multi - strand necklace, 377,28 euros
Giambatista valli v-neck cashmere top 665 euros
Isabel Marant Poppy bow-embellished suede pumps, 410 euros
912 low-rise skinny jeans  jbrand, 210 euros
Stretch linen-blend blazer 505p isabel marant
Nancy Gonzalez Large pleated crocodile clutch, 2260 euros

Look 4
Geometric jacquard bandage dress, Herve Leger, 2105 euros
Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold-plated cabochon earrings, 225 euros
Tasseled leather slingbacks, Proenza Schouler, 570 euros

Rick Owens Wool-paneled washed-leather biker jacket 1470 euros
Postman's Lock All In One clutch, Mulberry, 430 euros

Story of a dress

Do you remember this scene from “Confessions of a shopaholic” when Rebecca Bloomwood, the main character, tell us how she feels when she sees a store? We all know this warm, exciting feeling when we really like something and we would do a lot we need to get it. Well, every season after seeing all of the collections I happen to pick few things I totally love and they would be definitely mine if I could afford it of course;)  Here are my favorite dresses of the S/S 2011 season! Did you find anything you fell in love this season?

Versace SS2011

January Jones at the Golden Globes 2011, Model during Versace S/S 2011 Fashion show and Anja Rubik on the Vogue Espana March 2011 cover

Chanel Resort 2011

 Clemence Poesy, a model during the Chanel show

GuccI SS2011

Jennifer Lopez, a Gucci ad and a model during Gucci S/S 2011 show

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February in Vogue

I’m a Vogue freak and I’m not afraid to say it! I’ve bought my first Vogue back in July of 2004. I remember exactly that it was a Keira Knightley cover and I was thrilled to obtain it! Since then I’ve on and off been reading and buying multiple Vogue magazines from different countries. For few years now I’ve been a solid collector of Vogue UK, Vogue US and recently Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia.
I MUST read (ok, look through) at least few issues each month. For me Vogue stands for something fabulous, this world of fashion, beauty and glamour that I’d die to be a part of and while reading the magazine I feel better, like I belong. Since for now I cannot afford what’s inside those magazines I can at least buy some of them and indulge in my guilty pleasure ;)
My love for Vogue has brought me the idea to start my monthly summary of the Vogues that I read so here goes the first set of the February issues.

Vogue US

First impression -What did they do to Kristen?!

I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks that US Vogue is getting a little bit boring lately. For ages American Vogue has been my bible, the first and most important fashion magazine out there but in the past few months I’ve began to think that it isn’t as powerful as I thought so or at least not any more. It’s seems to me that Anna Wintour is not a true visionary any longer and she tries to high up the sales while putting only famous actresses on the covers and not trying as hard as she used to. I mean simply look at the European Vogue issues – Italia and Paris – every month there is a session, pictures that take your breath away! We see new things, new and bold approach to fashion. Now US Vogue just bores me and especially the last Febuary issue with Kristen Stewart on it. I really like Kristen and call myself a fan of hers but this photoshoot by Testino is horribly photoshopped. I’d never understand why they have to photoshop even as naturally beautiful girls like Kristen! I swear the video from the shoot is much better than her actual photos! I really look forward to something more from Vogue US in the future.

For behind the scenes go to:

Vogue UK

First impression – not Victoria !
Ok so I was a Spice Girls’ fan in the past of course! And I’m a fan of Viictoria Beckham’s collections nowadays but I really don’t like this cover. It’s really normal and doesn’t stand out in any way. To me Vogue is not supposed to be playing safe – it should take risks but unfortunately it doesn’t and it’s a shame because Vogue UK was my first Vogue to buy and read and it will always remain my favorite for that but hopefully it will change a little its approach.

Vogue Paris

First impression – Gucci and amazing colours!
I am totally in love with the Gucci S/S 2011 collection. Frida Giannini stole my heart once again with this collection and it seems that not only mine, since her collection is gracing a lot of covers this month and will probably even more with the March issues. In fashion we judge book (magazine) by its cover but in this issue what’s inside is even more exciting! Et Vogue L’ete 2011 by Mario Sorrenti is an amazing story of the newest trends and the mix of top "it" models of the moment. The pictures are sublime and it was really hard only to choose few to publish here. Just look and enjoy!

Vogue Italia

First impression – wow 90s are back!
I owed only a few issues of Vogue Italia in the past but fell totally in love with it starting beginning of this year when I saw the beautiful January cover. I still didn’t know whether the Milano based magazine is going to get on my monthly magazine list but after seing the February issue I knew I had to get it. The cover is simply amazing! All those colors! And the eds inside... including the cover story with Candice Swanepoel. Amazing!