Monday, March 7, 2011

Be on time with style

Some time ago I had a little accident with my watch, my beloved black Swatch got broken and it couldn’t be repaired. I loved this watch since it was both a watch and a cool, black bracelet. Sometimes people got confused whether it’s a watch or a bracelet. Since my accident I’ve been looking for a perfect watch to put on my hand. I’ve been wanting to get a designer watch for some time now but the prices kept on scaring me a little. Plus I wasn’t sure whether I want a little classic watch on a leather strip or a “manly” massive one. Should I choose a black or silver  - the one that goes with everything or an original one that is out of ordinary.  It’s a tough choice since a watch is not something you buy every month. But maybe it could be?

Recently I got acquainted with a company called Stamps. They make these cool watches that look like stamps, you can choose from many different models, strips and have lots of fun with them! Maybe after all there is no point in spending this great amount of money on one designer watch and instead it’s a good way to get lots of different stamps? 

Some ideas for my stamps

This season I fell in love with two watches from Lacoste and as every season Calvin Klein hunts me. The bracelet watch advertised by Lara Stone looks beautiful but when I put it on my hand it didn’t look as good. It was pretty heavy and didn’t stick to the hand as I thought it would but still it is fabulous! Maybe if I made it a little bit smaller …

The two Lacoste watches are lots of fun! Big round watch with a narrow leather strip. It looks really interesting. The black one looks more professional while the green one makes it fun for the summer time. Both watches cost $138.

And coming back to Stamps. They seem to be so much fun. I’ve browsed through many different ones and came up with some ideas for what I would want to have. The best thing about them is that each of them costs $27 and you can switch them with different wristbands  (starting at $23) all the time you want. Especially since this season is so colorful it would be great to have fun with different styles and colors! On the Stamps website you can play and try to create your own watch

So what do you think – which watch would be the best choice?

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