Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Polish Models rule the Vogues

I love Polish models, I truly believe they are the best in the world!!! Of course I am Polish so I am allowed to think that ;) But let’s look at some facts. Anja Rubik was just named the number one model on TFS), she is number 3 on models.com list. On that list there are 4 more: Anna Jagodzinska – nr.8, Monika JAC Jagaciak – nr. 10, Kasia Struss – nr.13, Magdalena Frackowiak – nr. 17 and now joining this team is Zuzanna Bijoch, nr. 27. So 6 models total in the first 30 of top models! I guess I am a little bit right after all!

The fall 2011/2012 season is almost here. First campaigns are being published, there are announcements of another ones. The Haute Couture shows have just started  as well. I cannot wait to see where would those girls end up but I am sure that some great things are ahead if them!

Zuzanna Bijoch for Vogue Mexico July 2011

 Anna Jagodzińska for Vogue Turkey June 2010

 Małgosia Bela for Vogue Espana July 2011

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