Friday, July 29, 2011

The perfect duo - Emmanuelle & Géraldine

Géraldine Saglio and Emmanuelle Alt are a dream duo. They work together and create great styles and sessions for their work at Vogue Paris. They have an exquisite style and they both look a like. When the rédactrice-en-chef of Vogue Paris was Carine Rotfeld, Emmanuelle was an editor and Géraldine was her assistant/stylist at the magazine. Now after Madame Alt became the boss of VP, Géraldine does even more work for Vogue.

I love both of their styles! It’s so chick and Parisian and at the same time very simple and classic.

They really can rock simple skinny jeans with some cool jackets. Of course it’s Balmain or Isabel Marant but they mix it together with high end stores like Zara. Their style is pretty impeccable. Oh, what would I do to work with them for even one day! 


Young actresses are a hot product these days. They are taking over the fashion world and subsidizing models on the covers, in the editorials and now also in the campaigns. A 20 – year old Harry Potter alum Emma Watson is a face of Lancome, Blake Lively has become an ambassador to Chanel’s Mademoiselle bags collection and Keira Knightley has yet again reprised her role as Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume icon.

Though now when you think about it, it seems that being 20 and over is too much. In the recent years some of the most exciting roles were reprised by teenaged girls. 13, 15 – year – old are the new hot names in Hollywood

Let’s just look at Elle Fanning. The younger sister to Dakota has started to make her own name in the show business. After an engaging role in “Somewhere”, a film by Sofia Coppola, a 13-year-old actress has progressed to “Super 8” and now she stars in another Coppola production, only this time Coppola Senior – “Twixt”.

A 15-year-old Hailee Steinfeld got nominated this year for an Oscar for her amazing role as Mattie Ross in Cohen bothers’ “True Grit”. She was so good, I thought she deserved an award! She’s already a Miu Miu face and will star in a new “Romeo and Juliet” production.

Chloe Moretz is a 15-year-old actress, who’s got great reviews for her two 2010 movies. She was a Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass (where she literally kicked ass) and a little vampire in a dark “Let Me In” movie. We’ll be able to see her in several movies in the next year or so and I’m sure we’ll hear more about Chloe soon.

What all those actresses have in common is that first of all they are young, they’ve already succeeded massively in the film world and I’m sure they are going to do even more. They are all gracing covers of the new "Love" magazine for Fall/Winter 2011_2012 issue. They all look beautiful, have such an amazing sense of style but they still have this sense of innocence about them. I really hope they would be able to keep it for a long time!

Window shopping in London

London is my favorit place to shop. In my opinion nothing beats it! New Bond Street is my personal heaven and if I could I'd honestly live there (yes, even on the street;)
Last time I've been to London, I was walking around New Bond Street and trying to get some inspiration. I just didn't pick the best time since all of the shops were already closed. Still, I had a really nice time while looking at all the windows which were perfectly styled. Hopefully next time I'm there I'll be able to actually buy something ...

Miu Miu


 Louis Vuitton


Alexander McQueen


Vogue and Pink Elephant

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo of the day

Magdalena Frackowiak backstage @ Dior HC

Polish Models rule the Vogues

I love Polish models, I truly believe they are the best in the world!!! Of course I am Polish so I am allowed to think that ;) But let’s look at some facts. Anja Rubik was just named the number one model on TFS), she is number 3 on list. On that list there are 4 more: Anna Jagodzinska – nr.8, Monika JAC Jagaciak – nr. 10, Kasia Struss – nr.13, Magdalena Frackowiak – nr. 17 and now joining this team is Zuzanna Bijoch, nr. 27. So 6 models total in the first 30 of top models! I guess I am a little bit right after all!

The fall 2011/2012 season is almost here. First campaigns are being published, there are announcements of another ones. The Haute Couture shows have just started  as well. I cannot wait to see where would those girls end up but I am sure that some great things are ahead if them!

Zuzanna Bijoch for Vogue Mexico July 2011

 Anna Jagodzińska for Vogue Turkey June 2010

 Małgosia Bela for Vogue Espana July 2011