Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Lucas in Details

I just wrote a post about Isabel Lucas last night and today her pictures appeared on the "Details" magazine website. Additionally to the photographs, there is a text about an Aussie actress. I really like a dress that she's wearing in the first two photos.

All of the pictures from this post are taken from

Sasha Baron Cohen is Bruno

He was Ali G and Borat. Now Sasha Baron Cohen created a new character. This time it's an Austrian - gay - fashion journalist Bruno, who travels again to America to make everybody uncomfortable. I wasn't a huge Borat fan but I think I might give Bruno a shot. From the trailer I see that he gets to go behind the scenes during the fashion week so it might be nice to get a scoop of a fashion world. During Cohen's Bruno tour around the world he dressed up accordingly to the place he had his premiere. For example in Madrid he wore a bull - like outfit and in London a guardian hat. He can for sure enjoy himself and have fun while dressing up. Nobody really knows why he decided to create Bruno but in my opinion maybe he wants to show us no to treat fashion so damn seriously and have some fun with it.

Los Angeles:







Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crystals are girl's best friends

Lately Swarovski's crystals can be found on everything : clothes, sunglasses and even furniture. We keep on forgetting that Swarovski is mostly known for its crystal jewelerry. Last Thursday Swarovski Crystallized opened a new NYC Store. The concept store opening in NYC took place just few hours after a tragic Michael Jackson news. There was a worry that celebrities and invited guests might not attend the party. Eventually the jewelry fans like "Gossip Girl's" Blake Lively or "Big Love's" Chloë Sevigny attended the party wearing Swarovski blings.

Celebrating opening of the new store, Swarovski partenered with a not-profit Charity : Water, which builds wells in developing countries. "The availability of clean water is such an important issue and it is wonderful to be involved in a project that is striving to make this basic resource available to all people throughout the world" - said the host of the evening Blake Lively. The Divine Rock Light Necklace created especially for this cause can be bought online on Swarovski website. All of the income from the sold necklaces goes to the charity. The cost of one necklace is $88.

The Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store is located at 499 Broadway in Soho, NYC.

Chloë Sevigny in Chloe

Lucy Liu

Blake Lively in Cavalli

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

The cover girl

I'm always thrilled to see Sienna Miller on the cover of a fashion magazine but when it's "Vogue" I am totally happy. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail but I've just found this video on and thought would share with everybody. We can see Sienna posing during the photo shoot as well as talking about her Broadway debut this fall. All of the designs from Vogue cover and editorial are chosen from the newest fall collections. Sienna looks great as always wearing those perfectly tailored clothes in these wonderful surroundings. With her new movie coming out soon (G.I. Joe) and theatrical appearance, no wonder Sienna once again became a cover girl for American "Vogue".

Below you can see magazine's scans with runway pictures of the designs Sienna's wearing :

Alexander Wang purple one - shoulder mini dress:

Nina Ricci fuchsia one - shoulder tunic :

Gucci emerald - and - black silk mini dress :

Milan Men Fashion Week Spring 2010

There comes the time when we (girls I mean) don't have to focus on clothes for once. Believe me it is possible and it can only be happening now during Milan Menswear Fashion Week. All of the designers came to Italy to show their Summer collections. And with them some of the celebrities. "Hangover" star Bradley Cooper, "Gossip Girl" hunk Chace Crawford or Black Eyed Peas enjoyed over twenty shows in the beautiful city of Milano. (Picture below)

Celebrity model - Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's boyfriend) during Louis Vuitton's show

I've just finished watching pictures from all of them and one thing is certain. White is the new black. Louis Vuitton, D&G or Jill Sander presented all kind of trousers, shirts, shorts and blouses that have in common only one thing and it's color. So if you want your boyfriend/husband to be looking fashionably this summer - remember to white things up!

Hugo Boss

Dolce & Gabbana


Jill Sander

The September Issue

We all know Anna Wintour. An editor - in - chief of American "Vogue". She is one of the most powerful people in fashion. If not the most powerful. We all read September issue of Vogue, which is the most important issue of whole year showing trends for the upcoming season. The movie chronicles preparations for September Vogue issue in September 2008. I'm so excited to see this movie. It's hard to say what kind of a person really Anna Wintour is but I must say I really admire her. You can say a lot about her but she is definitely a great editor, a contributor with a vision. For someone like me who would love to be a fashion journalist one day it's very interesting to see how the fashion world really works and how do the people. Who knows maybe we'll see a new face of Anna Wintour.

A documentary by R.J. Cutler premiers in September 2009 in the USA. Hope in Europe we'll be able to see it at the same time.

Transformers II - Isabel Lucas vs. Megan Fox

This last week was all about Transformers Movie. The second part of this action flick has set the new box office record of its 3 day opening with 125.9 million viewers watching the movie before the weekend. As a good older sister I went to see it with my brother last night. I must say It wasn't that bad and after a while getting used to talking robots I've started to enjoy funny lines and breath taking action.

Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox are the stars of both parts of the "Transformers" but during premiers all over the globe that took place during these last few days all of those events were focused on the female part of the cast. Megan Fox is said to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood these days. I must agree. Some of the clothes she wore last week looked fabulously on her. From my point of view she might slightly overdone it sometimes but most of the time she looks great. In the second part of the "Transformers" Miss Fox has a little bit of a competition. It's an Australian beauty Isabel Lucas. Izzy is a Melbourne born actress who plays Alice - not so casual college student.

With all the eyes focused on Fox and her different outfits, Lucas has silently made her move. Apparently she's already got an invitation to Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris on July 7th! Her style both on the red carpet and a casual one is very simple and classy. A tall actress prefers flat ballerinas and flip flops than high heels. She said in one of the interviews that the hardest part in making "Transformers" was to learn how to run in high heels! Who saw the movie knows that she manged this perfectly. In the battle Fox vs. Lucas I'm picking Isabel. I'm pretty sure we're going to hear much more about Isabel Lucas in the future.

Isabel's red carpet looks :

Isabel's casual looks :

Megan's "Transformers" premiers' looks :

The cast of "Transformers" traveled all over the world to promote their newest movie. Japan, South Korea, LA, Paris, Madrid. Megan Fox looked incredible in all of those cities. Dark red Cavalli or purple Donna Karan are my favorite looks.

How Gabrielle turned into Coco

In Poland the title of „Coco avant Chanel” was changed to simply „Coco Chanel”. In my opinion this was a mistake because some people went to see the movie that would show Chanel - a successful designer known for her horribly expensive bags, simple black dresses and menly clothes. Truth is this movie is not about that designer. It simply is about Gabrielle. A poor, little girl from a small village in France, who was raised without her parents, with her one sister in the orphanage. Every Sunday she would dream so that her father would come, visit and take her home.

Chanel was ashamed of her past. In the conversations she would change the facts of her childhood to seem more interesting. She was very outspoken, never afraid to say what she really thought. One day during her work at a local bar, where she was singing with her sister, she met Étienne Balsan (played by Benoît Poelvoord), a rich businessman, with whom she had an affair and used his connections to slowly go higher on a social ladder. He was also the one who created her nickname Coco based on a song she used to sing. It was back then that she started dressing more „man like”. She stopped wearing a corset, redesigned Balsan’s closet and created a whole new style.

Coco avant Chanel is also a wonderful love movie. According to biographers Chanel was in love only once in her life. It was with Boy Capel (Fantastic Alessando Nivola), an English Businessman, with whom she had an affair for many years until his tragic car accident. Capel was the one, who gave money to Coco to open her first store on Rue Cambon in Paris, where until this day fashionistas from all over the world travel to buy at least the smallest piece with double CC logo.

Coco with Balsan on left and Capel on right

One of the most beautiful parts of the movie are when the camera almost accidentally shows us all the elements of clothes, materials, people that were part of Chanel’s life and made a great impact on her future designs. For example there are nuns, who were Gabrielle’s guardians at the orphanage or fishermen wearing stripe shirts. All of those elements surrounding Chanel’s life would be used by her to create some of the greatest clothes and designs of all time.

Audrey Tautou is a great actress. We might still look at her as Amelie but in my opinion soon people might see her more like Coco Chanel. She did an amazing job imitating Chanel’s poses. The way she smokes a cigarette while working on her designs. In „Coco avant Chanel” we see a woman who struggles through life to achieve something great. And this by itself is an inspiration and worth watching.

„Coco avant Chanel” opens this weekend in limited theaters around Europe.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bulgari's good cause

Italian jewelery brand Bulgari teamed up with some of the celebrities like Debra Messing or Ben Stiller to promote Save the Children - Rewrite the Future Project. It's been 125 years since the world saw first rings and necklaces that came from a then small shop in Rome, Italy. Now Bulgari is one of the most recognized and famous jewelery brands in the world.

This year celebrating 125ht birthday of its brand, Bulgari has decided to do a bit more than just throwing a huge party in the eternal city. They joined Save the Children campaign to help children all around the world in having a better future prospects. Bulgari has created three jewels of which $60 will go to Save the Children's "Rewrite the Future" campaign. "Made of sterling silver, the jewels pay tribute to Sotirio Bulgari, the company's founder who began as a silversmith in the 1800s, and feature Save the Children's logo engraved." - as we can read on Bulgari's website.

To support Bulgari's idea and buy the ring go to :

Friday, June 26, 2009

Anyone would hunt a pair of Hunters?

With Glastonbury festival hitting it off - it is official. The festivals' time is ready to start and so is the festival fashion. In this post I'd like to focus especially on one piece without which no festival can really happen. With rain and mud everywhere - shoes are the most important piece of your wardrobe. And what other shoes could be better than Wellingtons. By Hunter of course.

Hunter Wellies

Looking at the past years we can definitely find some essential pieces that are a part of festival fashion. There are Ray Bans, boho belts, short and floral dresses. One of them definitely are Hunters. I'm not gonna write wellies - because we all know that if you want to buy a pair of wellies for a festival - it must be by a British company - Hunter.

The original Hunter wellington boot was invented in 1856. Until this day it's known for its comfort, well fitting and quick drying. They were originally designed for walking in Scotland's rugged terrain and combating. Nowadays they also help people in need but mostly in their leisure time. All because Hunters can also be fun. They are available in many different colors that's why a lot of celebrities and fashionistas wear them not only when raining. They can be a fun accessory to a boring outfit. Some of the stars loving Hunter wellies are Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne or Nicole Richie.

Water Aid

This year Hunter company once again teamed up with Water Aid foundation. They've created a special Hunter Wellies pair. Black original Hunter boots with water drops drawn on the sides look very nice and definitely will make a great success during festivals this summer. Of course not only - looking at the weather outside my window I'd love to get them right away myself!

Shoes can be bought in London's Topshop on Oxford Circus or online on both Topshop's and Hunter's websites. One pair costs 60 pounds. Each 10 pounds from every purchased pair will be donated to Water Aid to support Water Aid's work in Madascar.