Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers II - Isabel Lucas vs. Megan Fox

This last week was all about Transformers Movie. The second part of this action flick has set the new box office record of its 3 day opening with 125.9 million viewers watching the movie before the weekend. As a good older sister I went to see it with my brother last night. I must say It wasn't that bad and after a while getting used to talking robots I've started to enjoy funny lines and breath taking action.

Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox are the stars of both parts of the "Transformers" but during premiers all over the globe that took place during these last few days all of those events were focused on the female part of the cast. Megan Fox is said to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood these days. I must agree. Some of the clothes she wore last week looked fabulously on her. From my point of view she might slightly overdone it sometimes but most of the time she looks great. In the second part of the "Transformers" Miss Fox has a little bit of a competition. It's an Australian beauty Isabel Lucas. Izzy is a Melbourne born actress who plays Alice - not so casual college student.

With all the eyes focused on Fox and her different outfits, Lucas has silently made her move. Apparently she's already got an invitation to Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris on July 7th! Her style both on the red carpet and a casual one is very simple and classy. A tall actress prefers flat ballerinas and flip flops than high heels. She said in one of the interviews that the hardest part in making "Transformers" was to learn how to run in high heels! Who saw the movie knows that she manged this perfectly. In the battle Fox vs. Lucas I'm picking Isabel. I'm pretty sure we're going to hear much more about Isabel Lucas in the future.

Isabel's red carpet looks :

Isabel's casual looks :

Megan's "Transformers" premiers' looks :

The cast of "Transformers" traveled all over the world to promote their newest movie. Japan, South Korea, LA, Paris, Madrid. Megan Fox looked incredible in all of those cities. Dark red Cavalli or purple Donna Karan are my favorite looks.

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