Monday, June 29, 2009

Sasha Baron Cohen is Bruno

He was Ali G and Borat. Now Sasha Baron Cohen created a new character. This time it's an Austrian - gay - fashion journalist Bruno, who travels again to America to make everybody uncomfortable. I wasn't a huge Borat fan but I think I might give Bruno a shot. From the trailer I see that he gets to go behind the scenes during the fashion week so it might be nice to get a scoop of a fashion world. During Cohen's Bruno tour around the world he dressed up accordingly to the place he had his premiere. For example in Madrid he wore a bull - like outfit and in London a guardian hat. He can for sure enjoy himself and have fun while dressing up. Nobody really knows why he decided to create Bruno but in my opinion maybe he wants to show us no to treat fashion so damn seriously and have some fun with it.

Los Angeles:







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