Monday, February 21, 2011

Carine's last cover

And it finally arrives! After 10 amazing years for Carine Roitfeld at Vogue Paris she says goodbye to the Vogue readers with this simple cover with Dutch Saskia de Brauw. Starting up with her first cover with Kate Moss, she’s started a long and interesting ruling at one of the most inspiring magazines in the world. She was a fierce and open minded editor – in – chief , not afraid of  new and challengind topics. She’s put a transvestite on the cover or a smoking Sophie Marceau. Her Vogue definitely had a character.

Roitfeld's first cover:

Some of her most influential covers:

Now it’s time for her last cover. There are already a lot of comments about it on the interent. Some love it, some hate it. I’m truly not sure about my opinion yet. I haven’t seen it LIVE yet and still have 3 days until I do but what I’m sure about is that I like is that the cover is simple. It reminds me a little bit of her freshman cover with Kate Moss simply shown on the white cover. It’s like Carine wanted to make a full circle. And that she did. But I cannot not wonder why she didn’t  go a little bit over the edge for her last cover, she played a little bit too safe.  While waiting for the real – live cover to judge I’m getting more excited about what’s inside. Especially Pop Egérie editorial styled by Emmanuelle Alt – the new editor – in – chief of Vogue Paris. Emmanuelle - we're all now waiting for you April cover!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diane Kruger in Madame Figaro

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I adore Diane Kruger. I think she’s one of the best actresses and important style icons out there. Due to her latest movie coming out this weekend, we can see few covers of her. The most beautiful one was in French “Madame Figaro”. Diane is modeling the couture collections of the new season. She looks amazing! The whole spread is just amazing - Enjoy!

The "it" bag of the moment - Chloé's Aurore

Each season we're being presented with an ‘it’ bag of the moment. I remember last season’s Mulberry  - Alexa bag, which I was obsessed about. I still like it but this season we have another bag to  get crazy about and it's a bag that last year's Alexa is crazy about as well. It’s Chloe’s Aurore and it’s already a hot accessory to own. A lot of celebrities already do. It’s a leather duffle bag that comes in two colors caramel and black. Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba chose the caramel version but I’d say I just wouldn’t be picky if someone offered either one to me! (€960 is out of my range at the moment) I think it's such a classic bag, with an excellent shape that would always stay trendy but we'll have to stay and see if it would turn out to be a classic one. 

Anja's 12th Vogue cover

Anja Rubik is my favorite model. She is smart, beautiful and Polish of course! She’s been the star cover of many magazines all around the world including the fashion bible – Vogue. Until this month she’s graced 12 covers! This March she’s the cover girl for Vogue Espana and she looks as great as ever. She’s wearing an amazing Versace gown from S/S 2011 collection and it’s simply stunning! I’m wondering when Anna Wintour will put Anja on the cover of US Vogue finally. I truly believe it’s time. I remember one interview with Ms. Rubik where she spoke about doing a photoshoot for Vogue but it was killed by Wintour in the end. Maybe Vogue’s editor – in – chief doesn’t like Anja and doesn't want to put her in the magazine. That situation would be strange though when you think about one of the top models! Lately there were some rumors that Anja Rubik was doing some big shoot for American Vogue. Would that mean she’s changed her ming and there would be a first cover for a Polish model in the US Vogue? That would be an interesting thing to see this coming year. For now let’s enjoy Anja’s beautiful 12th Vogue Cover. Honestly who could work it better?  

Anja's Vogue covers:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cover Mystery

Saskia de Brauw is rumored to be the March cover girl for Vogue Paris and last one under Carine Roitfeld. The issue that will come out this month will definitely go to history as being the finalement from Ms. Roitfeld. A lot of people, including me, were thinking that she might want to close her ruling at VP with the Kate Moss cover (since she graced her first cover) but it seems that Saskia has got the job.

I don’t know what’s more interesting Carine’s last cover or her replacement's Emmanuelle Alt’s first?? We all keep asking ourselves whom will she choose? Daria Werbowy is Alt’s favorite. That's for sure. Or maybe Natasha Polly that she frequently styled at Vogue Paris? I'm so curious to see. But before that – Carine’s last issue as rédactrice en chef will have to come out and it will probably be next week. I’m so happy to be in Brussels this following week so I could buy this issue as soon as it comes out!

On you can find an interesting interview with Carine Roitfeld. Roitfeld who’s been extremely quiet in those past 2 weeks finally answers some questions including the one on Emmanuelle Alt, with whom she doesn’t speak to anymore.

Here are some quotes from the text that refer to the March issue of Vogue Paris:

“My last issue is the March issue, and it’s dedicated to young designers, no advertisers, just young designers, because I think they really need the support…When you meet these kids, you learn a lot from them, and I think it gives them a lot of positive energy…I definitely want to work on a project with young designers, not just French but international…I grew up and I think I have better ideas than I had ten years ago.”

“I know I did a good job. I know the March issue is a record in terms of advertising.”

So who do you think will grace the March issue of Vogue Paris?