Monday, February 21, 2011

Carine's last cover

And it finally arrives! After 10 amazing years for Carine Roitfeld at Vogue Paris she says goodbye to the Vogue readers with this simple cover with Dutch Saskia de Brauw. Starting up with her first cover with Kate Moss, she’s started a long and interesting ruling at one of the most inspiring magazines in the world. She was a fierce and open minded editor – in – chief , not afraid of  new and challengind topics. She’s put a transvestite on the cover or a smoking Sophie Marceau. Her Vogue definitely had a character.

Roitfeld's first cover:

Some of her most influential covers:

Now it’s time for her last cover. There are already a lot of comments about it on the interent. Some love it, some hate it. I’m truly not sure about my opinion yet. I haven’t seen it LIVE yet and still have 3 days until I do but what I’m sure about is that I like is that the cover is simple. It reminds me a little bit of her freshman cover with Kate Moss simply shown on the white cover. It’s like Carine wanted to make a full circle. And that she did. But I cannot not wonder why she didn’t  go a little bit over the edge for her last cover, she played a little bit too safe.  While waiting for the real – live cover to judge I’m getting more excited about what’s inside. Especially Pop Egérie editorial styled by Emmanuelle Alt – the new editor – in – chief of Vogue Paris. Emmanuelle - we're all now waiting for you April cover!

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