Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anja's 12th Vogue cover

Anja Rubik is my favorite model. She is smart, beautiful and Polish of course! She’s been the star cover of many magazines all around the world including the fashion bible – Vogue. Until this month she’s graced 12 covers! This March she’s the cover girl for Vogue Espana and she looks as great as ever. She’s wearing an amazing Versace gown from S/S 2011 collection and it’s simply stunning! I’m wondering when Anna Wintour will put Anja on the cover of US Vogue finally. I truly believe it’s time. I remember one interview with Ms. Rubik where she spoke about doing a photoshoot for Vogue but it was killed by Wintour in the end. Maybe Vogue’s editor – in – chief doesn’t like Anja and doesn't want to put her in the magazine. That situation would be strange though when you think about one of the top models! Lately there were some rumors that Anja Rubik was doing some big shoot for American Vogue. Would that mean she’s changed her ming and there would be a first cover for a Polish model in the US Vogue? That would be an interesting thing to see this coming year. For now let’s enjoy Anja’s beautiful 12th Vogue Cover. Honestly who could work it better?  

Anja's Vogue covers:

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  1. Świetne zestawienie :) Swoją drogą czytałam gdzieś, że Anna Wintour nie przepada za Anją i raczej za jej kadencji nie będzie mieć ona swojej okładki. Natomiast jako tako występowała ona już w różnych projektach dla amerykańskiej edycji, tylko wciąż nie doczekała się tej jednej okładki..