Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vamos Rafa!!!

Rafael Nadal is a number one player in the world. Additionally he's kind, totally normal and extremely handsome. I'm really happy that he finally got a feature in "Vogue" magazine. In my opinion pictures taken by Bruce Weber are really amazing and showing a true beauty of Rafa. Tennis is my favorite sport, I've been playing it ever since I was seven years old. My idol back then was Pete Sampras, an amazing player, who could do basically everything with his racquet. After his retirement in 2003 I wasn't able to find his replacement for quite some time. Then suddenly in 2005 during French Roland Garros tournament I've discovered Rafa. A guy who's same age as me, playing with this amazing power and passion for the game. I've become his fan right away and now I am proud to say I was right. That French Open in 2005 was his first Grand Slam won but not the last one. Since then he was basically unbeatable on clay and won four consecutive times in a row in Paris. Last Sunday Roland Garros 2009 started and Rafa has a chance to achieve it for the 5th time. I keep my fingers crossed for him and cheer on him during every game watched on Eurosport. Hope to see him live in action one day - maybe in Melbourne next year. Vamos Rafa!!!!

Anja Rubik = Superstar

Anja Rubik is one the best and most popular supermodels in the world (and she's POLISH yeah!) Her work for Chloe or Dolce & Gabbana just proved it. Now it's another step forward for her. She's the cover and editorial girl for Vogue Paris in its summer issue. It's her first French "Vogue" cover! Congrats to Anja! I really like those pictures taken by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. My favorite one is taken with her and the Eiffel Tower. I like the humor in the pictures and this one for sure is special. So what next is there for Anja?

Sienna is back in London

Sienna Miller is my favorite style icon. I love her movies and I love her clothes. Her next movie is an action flick G.I.Joe, which is not really my thing but for her I can do it ;) Sienna spends most of her time lately in the States - In New York she is preparing the Broadway play which is supposed to premiere this fall. She's also become a face of Hugo Boss's new fragrance Boss Orange. I didn't get the chance to check them out yet but I definitely will.

Last Saturday she's been seen in London doing some shopping with her friends. It was so good to see her in Europe and looking great with her boho style back in the game. She is going to be presenting at the Video Movie Awards this weekend in LA and I'm really curious what's she going to be wearing. Check out the preview of the G.I.Joe below. And tune to MTV this Sunday to see celebrities working the red carpet looks. More importantly remember that the "New Moon" trailer will be shown for the first time!!!

Cannes is done

Another year and another Cannes Festival is over. The winner of Palme D'or is Michael Haneke for "Das Weisse Band" ("White ribbon"). It's a story about children and teenagers of a choir run by the village schoolteacher, and their families: the baron, the steward, the pastor, the doctor, the midwife, the tenant farmers. Strange accidents occur and gradually take on the character of a punishment ritual. Frankly I think this is going to be a very good movie and hope it will be screened at the New Horizons Festival in Wrocław, Poland in July this year.

The best actress award went to one of my favorites Charlotte Gainsbourg for "Antichrist". A movie by Lars von Trier is about a married couple (husband played by Willem Dafoe), who go for an away retreat at "Eden", where in their cabin in the woods they're trying to fix their marriage. The movie comes out in Poland this Friday so I'm definitely going to check it out!!!

The best actor award went to Christoph Waltz for "Inglorious Bastards". I've already written about this movie by Quentin Tarantino. A lot of people all around the world can't wait to see it (me including;). The movie comes out his summer and definitely as every Tarantino movie it is going to be a great hit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weddings time

In the last episode of the Hills, Heidi has chosen her wedding gown. When I saw her entering the Monique L'hullier boutique, I got goosebumps. I swear out of all the bridal designers, she is in my opinion the best and if I'd ever get married and loose a few pounds hehe, a would definitely kill for one of her gowns. From the newest collections I love most the dress in the middle, strapless, simple, white dress... the wedding season is just starting so we'll probably see even more celebrities in L'hullier's dresses. Below you can see Ashley Simpson and Heidi Montag in their wedding dresses.

Mama I love you!!!!

Today I can't get enough of this old Spice Girl's song - Mama. But what else I can listen to on May 26th. In Poland it is Mother's Day and this is a special day when we should celebrate our mothers. My mom is my best friend and number one person in the whole world. So send your mom some flowers or make her a great dinner and tell her how much you love her. In the picture I've posted you can find some pics of hot Hollywood moms. It's hard to be a mom and a celebrity when they take pictures of you all the time but some women manage well to combine those two functions. Look at Angelina for example!!! Once again Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A new magazine was just born in the Conde Nast family. It's called "Love" and it seems like a lot are in love with it already. In the first issue we can find wonderful pictures, articles and interviews with icons of our generation as we can read on "The Love" magazine website. The stars featured in the magazine are for example Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Iggy Pop or Courtney Love. What I love the most about this first issue are amazing Mert & Marcus pictures. They are an energetic fashion photographers duo that took some wonderful pictures of the cover star Beth Ditto as well as black and white pics of Kate Moss whose session shocked everybody the second in came out. In my opinion the magazine is going to be a great success especially because of the artistic pictures. Just look at the Agyness Deyn's pic as Queen Elisabeth II by Josh Ollins. Can't wait for more to come.

Roxy rocks!!!

I just found them online and totally fell in love with them immediately!!! These are the new headphones from Roxy, which collaborated on this project with JBL and created these amazing headphones. Knowing precision of JBL products, I'm pretty sure they will be great forever. You know I'm totally obsessed with white color. White IPod, white Macbook but somehow those headphones look so cool. You can choose from two sets of colors: green & blue and orange & pink (I'd get those ;)) Unfortunately for now only fashionistas in the USA can get those. I swear I won't cry he he. All of the rest of us in Europe must wait. If you want to check them out anyway go to

Dream on ...

I am a dreamer!!!Who doesn't love to dream??? About finding a great love, making a big change in their life or just taking all of their credit cards and buy all of those things they have always wanted! Well usually I dream about all of the above but today I'm simply focused on the last thing. What could I buy in the first place if I had no limits? I know what you think - a car, a house, a new kitchen equipment. I know I totally NEED those things but these are not the ones that I really WANT. For somebody who is obsessed with fashion and labels, a list of things that they really want is pretty big. Here I am not that bad. You see, of course I'd love to have a Marc Jacobs dress, Diane von Furstenberg's skirt and Stella McCartney's blouse but I am not greedy. There are some things crucial to me. The list contains of: a Louis Vuitton bag, a Balenciaga "Motorcycle" bag, Manolo Blahnik shoes (OK they were supposed to be no 1), Louboutin shoes and a Burberry trench coat. UFFF...OK so I'm done and feel much better, almost like I really did that shopping. Unfortunately almost makes a difference. Well dreams are alive to make them come true so I'm pretty sure I'll get there. For now I can just sing with Aerosmith - Dream on, dream on... Maybe somebody out there want to share with their list of dream thing???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That's how you do the Cannes Cannes!!!

It's been already a week since the Cannes Festival 2009 started. I'm a huge movie fan so I really can't wait for some of those movies which premiered at the festival. My two favorites are "Inglorious Bastards" (directed by Quentin Tarantino) with Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger and "Broken Embraces" (directed by Pedro Almodovar) with Penelope Cruz. Until those movies will hit the cinemas all over the globe, we won't know which of them will be the biggest winners but for now we can judge only by the looks at the Cannes Palaice. I must say this option is not that bad either. My favorite looks are a simple but chic look by Diane Kruger - admit it - she looks stunning as always! This season of Lost has already finished but Evangeline Lilly has found time to fly to Cannes and look fabolous. I've just read that both Evangeline and Slumdog Millionaire Star Freida Pinto are going to be next L'Oreal faces. Congrats to both of them! Penelope Cruz looks as great as always in both of her looks and those nude Laboutin pumps!!! Festival continous for next few days and I hope to see even more!!!

Collection Of Style

I'm thinking today about a thrill of discovering something new in fashion. Lately it seems that wherever you'd travel for instance in Europe, you can basically find the same stores, same brands. Of course the collections are slightly different but generally it's the same stuff. So what happens when by accident we'll find something new? We would of course get totally excited, totally happy. Immediately like Columbus discovering the New World, we want to see it all, try it all and keep it all to ourselves ;) This is what happened to me this last weekend when I've discovered COS - Collection of Style. It's original, simple and totally amazing. I found this store in Berlin and right away fell in love with it. It really doesn't happen to me often that I would want to buy the whole collection but at COS you'd truly like a lot. At the store you can find clothes and accessories both for women and men in all kind of Colorado and shapes. In my opinion what is the most amazing about clothes at COS is the design. The clothes look very simple but are made with a great imagination and idea which I love. Second of all there aren't hundreds of the same dresses which means there is a chance you will never find anybody else wearing the same clothes. After getting back home I've started researching this brand and it turned out it's two years old and a child of people responsible for H&M success. COS is a part of H&M group but its philosophy and clothes are a bit different. COS focuses on better quality clothes that's why its clothes are pricier but still affordable. The style is the mixture of classic pieces and newest trends. I was truly amazed by the good quality of clothes which are mainly made of natural fabrics. I really can't wait to see (and buy) more from COS. For now there are 16 stores in Europe but for all of you who can't go to Germany or England there is a hope. Soon COS will launch their website store. Hope this is a true information! As for me I'm going to be happy for my navy COS dress at least for few more days;)

Chanel no.5

OK so I' m very excited to see Audrey Tautou as Chanel in the movie "Coco avant Chanel". I'm pretty sure she's going to be amazing in it. And think about the clothes we are going to see in it ;) For now we can enjoy all that we can see on YouTube. There is a trailer of this movie and a clip that I totally adore which is a commercial of Chanel no.5 perfume with Audrey also starring. In my opinion the commercial is amazingly beautiful. It looks like Chanel is getting closer to the movie world with every commercial. Do you remember Nicole Kidman in a clip directed by Baz Luhrmann or Kiera Knightley in a Mademoiselle Chanel clip? This last one is by the way my favorite. Until the movie comes out let's enjoy those clips.

Annie Leibovitz in Berlin

I've loved photography ever since I could remember. I love fashion so fashion photography is my favorite kind. But not only. I admire pictures which on the first look seem completely random, they show everyday life of people, normal actions such as cleaning or playing with kids. But when you look closely you can find a second meaning to them and suddenly those pictures become a piece of art. This is what you feel after you see the Annie Leibovitz exibition which for one more week is available to see at the C/O in Berlin. I've just got back from the capital of Germany where I've seen two great exibitions. Annie Leibovitz - A Photographer's Life is definitely one must see. We all know her amazing pieces showing celebrities like pregnant Demi Moore or John Lennon with Yoko. This time we can also see a lot of those amazing photos ( I love this one with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp) but also Annie's private pics showing her family, birth of her children and her long time partner Susan Sontag who struggled to fight cancer for many years. On this exibition we can see a real, talented artist and realize that art is always part of our lives.