Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Collection Of Style

I'm thinking today about a thrill of discovering something new in fashion. Lately it seems that wherever you'd travel for instance in Europe, you can basically find the same stores, same brands. Of course the collections are slightly different but generally it's the same stuff. So what happens when by accident we'll find something new? We would of course get totally excited, totally happy. Immediately like Columbus discovering the New World, we want to see it all, try it all and keep it all to ourselves ;) This is what happened to me this last weekend when I've discovered COS - Collection of Style. It's original, simple and totally amazing. I found this store in Berlin and right away fell in love with it. It really doesn't happen to me often that I would want to buy the whole collection but at COS you'd truly like a lot. At the store you can find clothes and accessories both for women and men in all kind of Colorado and shapes. In my opinion what is the most amazing about clothes at COS is the design. The clothes look very simple but are made with a great imagination and idea which I love. Second of all there aren't hundreds of the same dresses which means there is a chance you will never find anybody else wearing the same clothes. After getting back home I've started researching this brand and it turned out it's two years old and a child of people responsible for H&M success. COS is a part of H&M group but its philosophy and clothes are a bit different. COS focuses on better quality clothes that's why its clothes are pricier but still affordable. The style is the mixture of classic pieces and newest trends. I was truly amazed by the good quality of clothes which are mainly made of natural fabrics. I really can't wait to see (and buy) more from COS. For now there are 16 stores in Europe but for all of you who can't go to Germany or England there is a hope. Soon COS will launch their website store. Hope this is a true information! As for me I'm going to be happy for my navy COS dress at least for few more days;)

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