Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dream on ...

I am a dreamer!!!Who doesn't love to dream??? About finding a great love, making a big change in their life or just taking all of their credit cards and buy all of those things they have always wanted! Well usually I dream about all of the above but today I'm simply focused on the last thing. What could I buy in the first place if I had no limits? I know what you think - a car, a house, a new kitchen equipment. I know I totally NEED those things but these are not the ones that I really WANT. For somebody who is obsessed with fashion and labels, a list of things that they really want is pretty big. Here I am not that bad. You see, of course I'd love to have a Marc Jacobs dress, Diane von Furstenberg's skirt and Stella McCartney's blouse but I am not greedy. There are some things crucial to me. The list contains of: a Louis Vuitton bag, a Balenciaga "Motorcycle" bag, Manolo Blahnik shoes (OK they were supposed to be no 1), Louboutin shoes and a Burberry trench coat. UFFF...OK so I'm done and feel much better, almost like I really did that shopping. Unfortunately almost makes a difference. Well dreams are alive to make them come true so I'm pretty sure I'll get there. For now I can just sing with Aerosmith - Dream on, dream on... Maybe somebody out there want to share with their list of dream thing???

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