Saturday, May 23, 2009


A new magazine was just born in the Conde Nast family. It's called "Love" and it seems like a lot are in love with it already. In the first issue we can find wonderful pictures, articles and interviews with icons of our generation as we can read on "The Love" magazine website. The stars featured in the magazine are for example Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Iggy Pop or Courtney Love. What I love the most about this first issue are amazing Mert & Marcus pictures. They are an energetic fashion photographers duo that took some wonderful pictures of the cover star Beth Ditto as well as black and white pics of Kate Moss whose session shocked everybody the second in came out. In my opinion the magazine is going to be a great success especially because of the artistic pictures. Just look at the Agyness Deyn's pic as Queen Elisabeth II by Josh Ollins. Can't wait for more to come.

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