Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting back

I’ve just got my from my vacation. I went to the States where I haven’t been for the last 10 years! It’s been a real déjà vu moment! I was so excited about this trip, getting ready for few months, collecting money for the things I wanted to get (lol) and most importantly organizing the whole trip!

The reason for me going back was a 10 – year – reunion that I wanted to do with my friends with whom I ‘ve experiences my exchange year abroad in America. I honestly couldn’t believe it was such a long time since I’ve seen my friends and visited one of the best cities in the world – Los Angeles and New York. I’ve spend 2 weeks in America – starting my trip in Venice Beach, California – the coolest place ever. If you’ve seen shows like Californication or a video for Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ song (The Adventures of Raindance Maggie) you know what I mean! When I was thinking with my friends where to do our 10 year reunion – Los Angeles came to our minds first. We’ve visited it 10 years ago but this time we wanted to stay in some cool place near the beach but also to be close to Hollywood and other places worth visiting. Venice Beach was a place I always wanted to visit and I was so happy when my friends agreed to stay there. And what a fantastic place that was! Very bohemian, with many street artists, people singing, dancing, having fun at the sidewalk and the ocean right next to it! It felt fantastic! I got most amazing shoes there as well. Vans from The Ave in Venice where you can get custom made products like shoes, t-shirts. My shoes show Banksy's art - A girl with the baloond and the first time I saw them, I fell in love with them! Venice is also a great place to get to Santa Monica - it's just a half an hour walk by the ocean!

After spending time in California I’ve continued to New Mexico where I’ve stayed 10 years ago doing my exchange year and graduating from high school. It was a great experience meeting my host family again, my friends and going back to those places that once felt like home.

The last week was all about the greatest city in the world – New York City! There are really not enough words in this world to describe the greatness of this city. The Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, the Skyscrapers, Fashion and Sex and the City of course J Together with a friend we’ve done all the touristy things you must do while in the Big Apple – we went to MoMa, to the MET, up to the Empire State Building, we’ve spent some time in Central Park, went for a cruise around Manhattan and again visited the city following the steps of Sex and the City J If you can’t tell by now I AM THE BIGGEST FAN of the show. It wasn’t the first time I visited the city but it was the first time I came there as an adult and it had its perks! On the September 6th was my birthday and I got myself 2 things I dreamt for a really long time – a designer bag and a Tiffany bracelet! Those were great moment for me. I also spent some time in West Village, where I’ve seen Carrie Bradshaw’s house (Perry Street 66) and ate a Birthday cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, finishing with a dinner at Brasserie 8 ½ where Carrie is asked to do a runway show!

So many great things I saw and experienced on my holidays. I will be writing more about it over the next few days so come check it out and tell me about your vacation!

And how did you spend your holidays?