Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Annie Leibovitz in Berlin

I've loved photography ever since I could remember. I love fashion so fashion photography is my favorite kind. But not only. I admire pictures which on the first look seem completely random, they show everyday life of people, normal actions such as cleaning or playing with kids. But when you look closely you can find a second meaning to them and suddenly those pictures become a piece of art. This is what you feel after you see the Annie Leibovitz exibition which for one more week is available to see at the C/O in Berlin. I've just got back from the capital of Germany where I've seen two great exibitions. Annie Leibovitz - A Photographer's Life is definitely one must see. We all know her amazing pieces showing celebrities like pregnant Demi Moore or John Lennon with Yoko. This time we can also see a lot of those amazing photos ( I love this one with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp) but also Annie's private pics showing her family, birth of her children and her long time partner Susan Sontag who struggled to fight cancer for many years. On this exibition we can see a real, talented artist and realize that art is always part of our lives.

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