Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chanel no.5

OK so I' m very excited to see Audrey Tautou as Chanel in the movie "Coco avant Chanel". I'm pretty sure she's going to be amazing in it. And think about the clothes we are going to see in it ;) For now we can enjoy all that we can see on YouTube. There is a trailer of this movie and a clip that I totally adore which is a commercial of Chanel no.5 perfume with Audrey also starring. In my opinion the commercial is amazingly beautiful. It looks like Chanel is getting closer to the movie world with every commercial. Do you remember Nicole Kidman in a clip directed by Baz Luhrmann or Kiera Knightley in a Mademoiselle Chanel clip? This last one is by the way my favorite. Until the movie comes out let's enjoy those clips.

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