Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February in Vogue

I’m a Vogue freak and I’m not afraid to say it! I’ve bought my first Vogue back in July of 2004. I remember exactly that it was a Keira Knightley cover and I was thrilled to obtain it! Since then I’ve on and off been reading and buying multiple Vogue magazines from different countries. For few years now I’ve been a solid collector of Vogue UK, Vogue US and recently Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia.
I MUST read (ok, look through) at least few issues each month. For me Vogue stands for something fabulous, this world of fashion, beauty and glamour that I’d die to be a part of and while reading the magazine I feel better, like I belong. Since for now I cannot afford what’s inside those magazines I can at least buy some of them and indulge in my guilty pleasure ;)
My love for Vogue has brought me the idea to start my monthly summary of the Vogues that I read so here goes the first set of the February issues.

Vogue US

First impression -What did they do to Kristen?!

I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks that US Vogue is getting a little bit boring lately. For ages American Vogue has been my bible, the first and most important fashion magazine out there but in the past few months I’ve began to think that it isn’t as powerful as I thought so or at least not any more. It’s seems to me that Anna Wintour is not a true visionary any longer and she tries to high up the sales while putting only famous actresses on the covers and not trying as hard as she used to. I mean simply look at the European Vogue issues – Italia and Paris – every month there is a session, pictures that take your breath away! We see new things, new and bold approach to fashion. Now US Vogue just bores me and especially the last Febuary issue with Kristen Stewart on it. I really like Kristen and call myself a fan of hers but this photoshoot by Testino is horribly photoshopped. I’d never understand why they have to photoshop even as naturally beautiful girls like Kristen! I swear the video from the shoot is much better than her actual photos! I really look forward to something more from Vogue US in the future.

For behind the scenes go to:

Vogue UK

First impression – not Victoria !
Ok so I was a Spice Girls’ fan in the past of course! And I’m a fan of Viictoria Beckham’s collections nowadays but I really don’t like this cover. It’s really normal and doesn’t stand out in any way. To me Vogue is not supposed to be playing safe – it should take risks but unfortunately it doesn’t and it’s a shame because Vogue UK was my first Vogue to buy and read and it will always remain my favorite for that but hopefully it will change a little its approach.

Vogue Paris

First impression – Gucci and amazing colours!
I am totally in love with the Gucci S/S 2011 collection. Frida Giannini stole my heart once again with this collection and it seems that not only mine, since her collection is gracing a lot of covers this month and will probably even more with the March issues. In fashion we judge book (magazine) by its cover but in this issue what’s inside is even more exciting! Et Vogue L’ete 2011 by Mario Sorrenti is an amazing story of the newest trends and the mix of top "it" models of the moment. The pictures are sublime and it was really hard only to choose few to publish here. Just look and enjoy!

Vogue Italia

First impression – wow 90s are back!
I owed only a few issues of Vogue Italia in the past but fell totally in love with it starting beginning of this year when I saw the beautiful January cover. I still didn’t know whether the Milano based magazine is going to get on my monthly magazine list but after seing the February issue I knew I had to get it. The cover is simply amazing! All those colors! And the eds inside... including the cover story with Candice Swanepoel. Amazing!

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