Monday, March 7, 2011

Lively as always

Blake Lively has everything a girl can dream of. She is a star of a major tv – series, she gets to dress designer pieces everyday and she even doesn’t have to pay for it! Now she can add two new labels : being the ambassador of Chanel handbags’ campaign and a muse to Christian Louboutin (he just named a pair of his shoes after Blake). Yes, Blake has it all. And now on top of it, she had a dinner held last Saturday in Paris by Chanel to honour her being its handbag ambassador.

Today we also had an opportunity to see her first ad for Chanel thanks to Women Wear Daily. I must say I actually like this ad and really didn’t expect it. Blake looks really sophisticated and tres chic! Additionally the picture's exposure equally both a model and a product. Cannot wait to see the rest of the campaign. I want this handbag!

Blake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld at the Paris Party wearing her favorite Loubs

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