Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keira - an actress in three acts

Keira Knightley is an amazing actress, fashion conscious person and a face for Mademoiselle Chanel perfume. She's talented, beautiful and only 25 years old. This last two months she graced few covers and nice editorials due to few of her movies hitting the big screen including The London Boulevard and Never Let Me Go. It amazes me sometimes how the eds can change an image of one person. From a lady to a vamp. It can be very minimalistic and then full of colours and make up. In those three eds I wanted to present in this post, this is what happens with the image of Keira Knightley. Three different approaches and images of one great actress.

My favorite shoot was published in Vogue Italia. It was actually the main reason to get this issue since I fell in love with Ellen von Unwerth's pictures first moment I saw them. Keira looks simply amazing, a mixture of her English rose image with a confident, sexy girl. What an ed! And so different from the other ones. In Vogue UK she's channelling the new glamour and in Elle UK we can see a very simple Keira wearing minimalistic clothes from Tom Ford's new collection.

And what do you think? Which Keira is your favourite?

Vogue Italia January 2011
Keira Knightley by Ellen von Unwerth
Fashion editor: Leith Clark

Vogue UK January 2011
Keira Knightley by Mario Testino
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers

Elle UK March 2011
Keira Knightley by Terrytsiolis
Styled by: Anne - Marie Curtis

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