Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bulgari's good cause

Italian jewelery brand Bulgari teamed up with some of the celebrities like Debra Messing or Ben Stiller to promote Save the Children - Rewrite the Future Project. It's been 125 years since the world saw first rings and necklaces that came from a then small shop in Rome, Italy. Now Bulgari is one of the most recognized and famous jewelery brands in the world.

This year celebrating 125ht birthday of its brand, Bulgari has decided to do a bit more than just throwing a huge party in the eternal city. They joined Save the Children campaign to help children all around the world in having a better future prospects. Bulgari has created three jewels of which $60 will go to Save the Children's "Rewrite the Future" campaign. "Made of sterling silver, the jewels pay tribute to Sotirio Bulgari, the company's founder who began as a silversmith in the 1800s, and feature Save the Children's logo engraved." - as we can read on Bulgari's website.

To support Bulgari's idea and buy the ring go to :


  1. This is such a cool campaign! And I love your header by the way ;)

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