Monday, June 22, 2009

Scarlett fires Penelope

It looks like Penelope Cruz will not be coming back with her new clothing collection for Mango this fall. Her place will be taken by other starlet - Scarlett Johansson. A Lost in Translation star was seen shooting few photos for the fall Mango campaign. I'm very excited to see Scarlett working for Mango. Obviously I'm a huge both Scarlett's and Mango's fan. Lately she looks greater than ever - she lost few pounds and started to work out more. Apparently tennis is the it sport at the moment. I can't say that I don't agree but in my opinion the other case should be considered. Her husband Greek God look alike - Ryan Reynolds must be a great motivator. I will miss Penelope though - some of the pieces from her past collections were pretty amazing and her amazing style is priceless. Maybe Mango will try to keep both celebrities on board. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens in September.

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