Friday, June 19, 2009

Paulo Coelho for Mango

Paulo Coelho is my favorite writer. I've read all of his books and right now I'm finishing his latest one that just came out - "The winner stands alone". But recently not only a new book was launched by Mr Coelho. He's created a series of T - Shirts showing most famous sentences from his books. This is a first collaboration of the writer with Mango.

Paulo Coelho' s work has been translated into 67 languages and until now he's sold over 100 million copies of his books. The Brazilian author is said to be the most readable author in the world. For me his books give ability to believe in my dreams and follow the path of what I think is my destiny. My favorite of his work - "Alchemist" helped me to go for what I really wanted. I truly recommend "Alchemist" and all of his books to all of you. I'm definitely going to get one of his t-shirts and I'm pretty sure most of you will choose one. If you could pick just one, which one would that be?

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