Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey, what's that on your back?

People are crazy about the backpacks ... those Chanel ones especially. Ever since they showed up on the runway, in the ads and on Kristen Stewart arm, the world got mad!  And finally they landed in stores – at Colette in Paris anyways.
According to the online sources, Chanel's Art School Backpack will cost around $3400! This might shock some but I’m quite sure that the price for many would not be a problem especially since it’s become already ‘it’ product of the season.
I wonder why would we want to go back in time and throw on a backpack like in the school years while back and forget for a moment about some classic totes? Is it a trend? A fashion statement? Or is it simply comfortable?
I’d say it’s a little bit of everything. Spring/Summer time is definitely  a moment  when we can hide our heavy totes in the corner and use something more fun, lighter and comfy. Who wouldn’t want for once have our hands free for a day? I know I would and backpacks are the ones to give us this freedom. I am still in the search for my special one. I am not going to splurge on Chanel one (2.55 has to come first J) but there are so many great ones available both in the designer stores and on high street.
What do you think about the backpack trend? Are you going to get one this season?

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