Friday, June 18, 2010

What not to wear - Trinny and Susannah in Poland!

Trinny and Susannah are the stylist to have. They’ve got fans all over the world, in their native England, the States. We love them here in Poland as well so I was very excited to finally see them live last Sunday when they came to an event in Warsaw to meet with their fans and show few very lucky ladies – and the audience – what not to wear. The girls looked beautiful and very stylish – the same as on TV, which was a little bit surprising to me in a good way of course, I mean usually celebrities and journalists are using some sort of “photoshop for movies” to help them look thinner and better on screen. Trinny and Susannah looked just as amazing as they do on TV.

The event started with a fashion show presenting brands from Galeria Mokotow, where it was held. There were some looks from “River Island”, “New Look” and many others. Afterwards the main ladies stepped on stage and the crowd went crazy. Trinny and Susannah were very nice and funny. They said that the girls in Poland look great and they know what to wear, the only problem is with the guys (so true …). The girls were were very supportive towards the chosen ladies. They’ve picked the contestants for makeovers based on the shapes that they’ve written about in their book called “The Body Shape Bible: Forget Your Size, Discover Your Shape, Transform Yourself”. In this classic already book, Trinny and Susannah expanded the four classic body shapes into 12 saying that we don’t always have to be a classic ‘apple’ or a ‘pear’.

I remember when I first saw that book, I was extremely happy that somebody has shown that every body is different and depending on your shape, you can wear clothes that look good on you. Still I wasn’t 100% sure about what shape exactly am I. After a meeting with the stylist last week, I am certain of my shape and now I can focus on working on my wardrobe that would suit my body best. I was also very impressed with the makeovers they’ve done. The 12 women looked amazing and extremely happy with themselves, which is always the most important thing.

The stylists promised to come back one day and even maybe make a program here for the Polish audience. I really hope they will come back, after the series of programs in Britain and the States, it would be time for some other country … like Poland of course! Thank you Trinny and Susannah for a lovely afternoon!

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