Friday, June 18, 2010

Magnificent Obsession - US VOGUE July 2010

Ok, so I really like Natalia Vodianova. I think she’s one of the best models out there. I truly admire her life story, how much she’s achieved, especially since her start wasn’t that easy due to her bad financial situation at home in Russia. But that life seems like ages ago since she’s now a supermodel, her man is a prince and she has adorable kids. But today when I’ve seen those pictures from July issue of US Vogue for a moment I honestly thought I might stop liking her. She’s playing house with Ewan McGregor, MY Ewan McGregor let me add (lol), so you can imagine my shock and disbelief. Still I’ve decided to look at the photographs taken by great Peter Lindbergh from a professional perspective since I am obviously an open minded journalist.
Despite the obvious jealousy, I really love those photographs. They have this ‘Mad Men’ 60s vibe that just wants you to start your family immediately. Everybody is looking great, the parents and the kids are at their finest. It all looks perfect but underneath this cover, there is a totally different story. We see a jealous husband, his wife meeting another man and we start to wonder whether this family is as perfect as it seems. I love when pictures can show stories like that, when a photographer is able to explore and show something more than just a pretty face in a pretty dress. This photo shoot proves that it can be done. Hat off to Mr. Lindbergh for showing us this beautiful story.

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