Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dream on ... Sienna Miller's monogrammed Keepall from LV

There should be no surprise that whenever Sienna has something, I fall totally in love it that too. It’s been like that for 5 years now, so why stop now ;) This is the first time that I’ve seen Sienna with her Louis Vuitton’s Keepall travel bag so I believe it could be a new addition to her collection. The monogrammed bag has Sienna’s initials on a red stripe. The strip colors and the position of it on a bag is all a choice made by a costumer.
The personalization of LV baggage and travel bags is a big part of Louis Vuitton’s history with people getting them for few decades now. I remember watching old movies and wanting badly to own a huge luggage bag like Katherine Hepburn had. At the moment I’m more looking forward to owning a classic 30 Speedy that I could use for ages and it would never be out of fashion. But the moment I’ve seen Sienna’s Keepall I knew that one day I’ d have to get one for my own.

The bags are available at where you can choose from 3 kinds of shapes, different sizes and colors. I went to LV’s online store and was playing with making my own personalized Vuittons. You can see them below. I was wondering whether I could maybe get a personalized Speedy but I'm not sure whether it would look good. What you all think?
 Keepall just like Sienna's (only with my initials) and Speedy 30:

Keepall 45 with shoulder strap  - 970 pounds

 Speedy 30 - 610 pounds

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