Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing to hide

I remember living in Holland and being really intimidated by people openness in the way of living. It is one thing to be nice and opened towards other people but I never really understood the idea of large glass windows without any curtains. In Dutch culture it's something very natural. This way people show to their neighbors that they have nothing to hide. I understand that perspective but I ask myself where a place for intimacy is. Something private. I like to get to my apartment sometimes, close the doors, windows and just enjoy my private time with no one watching and judging, where I can be truly myself.
That thought came to my mind when I first saw the Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Prada. The bags, sunglasses and shoes are completely see-through. Miuccia Prada has decided to create looks that a girl could wear from a business meeting straight to the beach. Thanks to that, most of her clothes from the SS10 collection are very wearable.
The most interesting part in the collection for me were those plastic pieces. I loved especially the glasses (I've got similar see-through Chanels) and shoes that are already an inspiration to other designers. I've just found these beautiful Laboutines on Net-a-porter website.

Christian Louboutin St Jeanne 85 studded pumps $865
Maybe this summer with a help of Ms. Prada we will learn to be more opened and not afraid of showing who we are. Maybe there isn't any point in hiding. I think I just might give this trend a try and open my bag to the world.

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