Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blair vs. Serena - style from Gossip Girl Season 3

The third series of Gossip Girl has ended this week. As with the two previous seasons, third one was as well full of lots of drama, romance but mostly great clothes. I don't believe that there is even one fashionista out there who'd not want to spend some time in Blair's or Serena's wardrobe. Some of the looks this past season were definitely memorable. Of course some outfits could probably be worn mostly on Upper East Side but the rest of them are a base for a great inspirational pieces we can wear everyday. My favourite Serena's look was when she stepped in a purple Hervé Léger bandage dress and a long jacket with rolled up sleeves. This outfit is perfect if you're looking for a businessy like choice. 

All of the girls and boys as well are always perfectly dressed on Gossip Girl but there are two main characters that are the queens of GG style. Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are the ones with the best stylists in the world and the biggest credit card limits. It's hard to decide which character is a better fashionista. This season Serena was doing some job internships, which showed us her not only running in a dress from one party to another but also choosing some more sophisticated clothes to go to the office. This is the reason I have to choose Serena over Blair this year. Even though Blair's ribbons and perfect Upper East Side outfits by great designers are mostly amazing, in my opinion she tends to over do it. Overall I'm always excited before watching a new episode of the show to see what new clothes would those two characters wear. Gossip Girl Season 3  - 1:0 for Serena. Do you agree?
 XO XO 'till next season!

Serena's style:

Blair's style:


  1. agreed, i love blair but serenas clothes are amazing

  2. serenas style is very nice