Monday, May 3, 2010

Anja Rubik - a designer

Anja Rubik is a supermodel, one of the best in the world. Also she's my favorite model, as the blog's readers could have figure this out ;) Anja is beautiful, talented, smart, and gives amazing shopping advises in her interviews (Thanks to her I've started using Bioderma's Sensibio H2O micellar cleanser, which is great!). But Polish model has many other talents to share with the world. She’s become accessories’ designer for an Italian company Quazi.

In November of 2009 Anja has designed her first collection for Quazi and now she’s come back for the second season with shoes and bags for the Spring/Summer 2010. The collection hit the stores here in Poland at the end of last month and it’s almost all gone by now. Last weekend I went to get a pair of slippers for myself and I bought last ones in my size. “My greatest goal while working on this project was to create a collection of shoes and bags that I would want to buy and wear myself” said Anja on her collaboration with Quazi.

The whole collection is very Africa inspired with zebra prints in every design. The sandals and sleepers are all made of leather and are very comfortable. They can be worn both to the beach as well as during running errands in the city. I already cannot wait for hotter weather to come to put on my new shoes!

I've got the ones below:

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