Friday, May 14, 2010

Life in Paradis

For Vanessa Paradis this month is probably the most exciting in a long time. Of course work - wise. Can you imagine to be ever bored when you're living with Johnny Depp? Oh no! Even though Vanessa for most of the time stays in her beau's shadow and takes care of their two kids, from time to time "Joe le taxi" singer reminds us about herself. From the end of last year, she fronts a campaign for Rouge Coco de Chanel and in March this year she's become Chanel's face once again. This time for Coco Cocoon handbags. With her new movie "Heartbreaker"coming out Vanessa seems to appear in all of the magazines at the moment and is once again the"it" girl to watch.

First one is from Marie Claire May 2010:

And a session from this month's French Vogue: 

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