Monday, February 9, 2015

Swimsuits for all

Today is the day all men out there have been waiting for. A new annual issue of ‘Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Edition’ is hitting the stores. This year a single model had a privilege of gracing it and her name is Hannah Davis. A 24-year-old beautiful model has been on everyone’s lips ever since Jimmy Kimmel presented a cover few days back during his live show. But this ‘Swimsuit’ edition has been talked about also due to some other factor. It’s the first time in history that there are plus-size models featured in the issue. A small step for curvy women?

Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley are no strangers to the modelling world but having their bodies featured in swimsuits inside of the SI: Swimsuit Edition is something totally different. Graham is a star of a first plus-size ad in the magazine for SwimsuitsForAll while Lawley has been presented as a SI’s rookie in one of the features. Both ladies have great careers going on for them, both are represented by world known modelling agencies, both graced covers of various magazines and walked down the runway. Now they are faces of new generation. Or possibly even a new movement. Could a modelling world start finally accepting beautiful women of all sizes?

It will be very interesting to see where it’ll go from this point. The subject itself is so hot that it seems everybody has their own opinion about it.  As we all know ‘haters will hate’ but maybe it’s finally time for a little revolution. I hope someday nobody will be doing a big fuss out of plus-size models shown in swimsuits, on the pages of VOGUE or on the runway. I hope it will be all so natural and common that nobody will even blink their eye. And I really hope it will happen soon. Maybe it’s just started. We just have to wait and see.



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