Monday, February 16, 2015

Fashionable movie - Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a movie about an amazing designer and artist Yves Saint Laurent (Pierre Niney) directed by Jalil Lespert. Click inside to read a synopsis as well as my review!
We meet our character in 1957 as he’s starting a new role of a creative director for Dior. As a sensitive person very often it seems as the fashion world he lives in overwhelms him. He much prefers to focus on his work rather that interviews, promotion and making money. That’s where Pierre BergĂ© (Guillaume Gallienne) comes in. His partner in a private life as well as in business whom he met during one of his Dior shows. Both of them created an Yves Saint Laurent powerhouse. And introduced fantastic collections that are worshiped until today.

The movie follows Laurent as a professional designer creating his most famous collections like “Modrian” dress as well as showing him struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. The part that I found particularly interesting was his friendships with three of the most influential women of his time. Victoire Doutreleau – a model and muse of Christian Dior and later on YSL. She was also Pierre BergĂ©’ s lover. You can read more about it here). Next comes Betty Catroux – Yves’ friend, muse and model.  Blond, long legged goddess has been loyal to her ‘uniform’ like style ever since she was a child. As she says in the interview for ‘The Edit’ - Her daily look includes Saint Laurent’s ‘black jeans, a man’s jacket, a long T-shirt and men’s shoes’. More about it you can read here. Finally Loulou de la Falaise who was jewelry and accessories designer for Saint Laurent as well as his friend and muse. You can read more about her here or get a book on her that had just hit the stores last October. Those three women deserve movies of their own in my opinion!

I’d highly recommend this movie for all the fashion lovers out there. Did you have a chance to watch it already? Let me know your thoughts!

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