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History of the “it” bags

Chanel 2.55

This is definitely one of the most popular bags in the world. Those who can afford it buy it in different sizes and colors. Not everybody knows that it’s not just a random bag with Chanel logo on it but a symbol of changes made in world’s fashion back in the day. Coco Chanel was a true visionary but also liked when things were comfortable for women. In 1920s she said no to carry her bags in hands only and she’s decided to design a bag that would free her hands. Based on soldiers’ bags she’s added straps to the bag and introduced her innovation to the market in 1929. After the war in 1954, when Chanel came back successfully to the fashion world, she’s shown an updated version of her bag to the modern women. Since the bag was created in February of 1955, the bag was named 2.55. This year it was celebrating its 55th birthday and it still has the power to make a girl crazy about having it. Who wouldn’t want to get the classic black quilted caviar Chanel 2.55? I know I would. It’s timeless, classic and goes with everything!

From left: Chanel's new face Lilly Allen, Alexa Chung, Lauren Conrad

Hermès Kelly Bag

The Legendary Hermès Handbag is named after Hitchcock’s favorite actress and later on Monaco’s Princess - Grace Kelly. It’s one of the most famous bags of our times. Together with its sister – the Birkin Bag – they are the two handbags all of the fashionistas would want to get during their lifetime. Hermès Kelly Bag first came out in 1956. It became a huge success straight away thanks to Grace Kelly, who was appearing in public with it to keep her pregnant stomach hidden behind it. Suddenly eyes of the press focused on the Hermès bag, with pictures appearing is such magazines as “Life Magazine”, where it even made a cover. Shortly after it became an “it” bag of the glamorous 50s age in Hollywood. Kelly bag is a statement. It shows the status of a person carrying it. Until this day celebrities and socialites keep using its power to show their importance. The bag costs around $3,000 - $6,000. But even if you can afford to get it, there is still a long list of people who want the same thing. Apparently there is a 3 – year – long list of admirers, who dream about getting it. And I believe it’s worth to wait for a while.

From left: Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta - Jones, Victoria Beckham

Birkin Bag

The second of Hermes’ bags is called Birkin after British actress and singer Jane Birkin, who’s spent most of her time living in Paris. The Birkin is considered number one by a lot of celebrities, business people and even royalty. They say that when you’ll get a Birkin, you don’t need any other bag, because it’s as perfect. While looking at the pictures of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes or Heidi Montag, it’s hard not to agree. They seem to go well with everything. With vast amount of colors and sizes, everybody could find something that suits them best or follow Victoria Beckham’s footsteps and get all of them in all the colors and sizes there are! In “Sex and the City” Samantha Jones is trying to fasten her position on a waiting list, where usually people must wait for about 8 months to 6 years to get one. So what is the story of a Birkin bag? It says that during one flight from Paris to London in 1984, Jane Birkin sat next to Hermes chief exec Jean-Louis Dumas. She told him that it’s hard for her to find a nice and comfortable weekend bag. Supposedly this thought gave him the idea to design such a bag. The price for Birkin starts at around $5,000. The same as with Kelly Bag, it’s hard to get it before waiting for it for at least one year. The only way to get it faster is to create a good relationship with a salesperson, who might put you on a special shopping list. Birking bag is one of the most luxurious things out there. It’s loved and desired by many but the only way to get them faster than through a waiting list, is to buy one on e-Bay, where people like Michael Tonello, author of Bringing Home The Birkin, sold them and made a fortune. In his book he describes a way to make salespeople sell the bag to him. Afterwards he was selling it on e-Bay to all of those impatient women, who were willing to pay more for their Birkins. Birkin bag during years has become more popular that its sister Kelly. It now has the status of “it”bag of all.

From left : Kelly Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan

Fendi Baguette

I guess we all remember Sarah Jessica Parker totting it around in Sex and the city circa 1999. I remember thinking that this bag makes a statement even though is so small. Apparently this is also the reason for designing it. Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is “Baguette’s” creator, said that it’s a perfect bag for everyone, since each and every one model is like a mini piece of art that would make every outfit special. It comes in different colors and fabrics. Even though it is so small that can basically fit keys, lipstick and some change, it still is one of the most worshiped bags in the world. The price of Baguette starts at £1,000.

From left: Sarah Jessica Parket, Mandy Moore

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The Speedy series are probably the most recognized series of bags in the world and they definitely are Louis Vuitton’s best sellers. In 1959 LV has decided to give a little face-lift to its signature Monogram Canvas but if it wasn’t for Audrey Hepburn, we might have never gotten a chance to be totting around beautiful Speedy Bags. In Roman Holiday Audrey is carrying her Louis Vuitton suitcase. She wanted to get something smaller and lighter to go with it. And so LV designed the Speedy bag for her! Her personal LV was a Speedy 25. She used 30 a lot as well but it’s the size 25 that remained Audrey’s forever. LV’s Speedy bag is also the one that gets copied most The fake versions can be bought all over the world and that’s why for some people Speedy bag got boring, because everybody has one. I personally don’t agree with this idea – an original Vuitton is a classic, something that would never be passé and we should definitely say no to fakes.

From left: Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Love - Hewitt

Dior Saddle

Dior’s most famous bag is inspired by a horse’s saddle. It was a total innovation in a handbags’ shape when it first came out. It incorporates a stirrup, buckle, bit, rivets, a giant metal ‘D' and various jangly spurs and horsy bits. It’s another bag after Fendi “Baguette” that has been made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City series. Designed by John Galiano in 2000 became immediately a huge success. Sarah sported all kinds of “saddles” and definitely had fallen for the western look of the bag. The only problem with the “saddle” is which one to choose?

From left : Misha Barton, Sienna Miller

Balenciaga Lariat/Motorcycle bag

It has been my dream to own one ever since I’ve seen Sienna Miller with it back in 2005. Still, whenever I see them, I have a true moment of happiness! In my opinion Lariat is one of those perfect bags. It has great looks and goes perfectly with both jeans and dresses. When in 2001 Gucci Group (PPR) bought Balenciaga, designer Nicholas Ghesquière started thinking about creating a bag, which could combine his techno dark style with French classicism and bikery style. His creation wowed everybody, especially a lucky group of 30, which he gave his bags to. The group included Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Chloë Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Carine Roitfeld. This marketing action turned out to be a great idea – celebs got photographed with bags all around the world and soon Motorcycle’s bags became the most wanted item of the season. Until this day they remain a bag to have.

From left: Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss

Chloé Paddington

When it came out in 2005, it’s been sold out immediately and didn’t even make it to the shops’ shelves. Ladies fell in love with this a bit funny looking bag with its oversized clunking lock. Personally I fell for this lock as well. With Balenciaga Motorcycle bag still in my head, Chloé’s Paddington made my list as well. A lot of actresses and celebs followed the trend. It’s been 5 years since Paddington first came out but it’s still in high demand with waiting lists all around the world. Paddington is considered the number one bag for “boho” style lovers. There is no wonder then why such “boho” style icons like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are both fans of this Chloé bag.

From left: Kate Bosworth, Misha Barton, Katy Perry

Marc Jacobs Stam

Marc Jacobs’ bag was named after Canadian model Jessica Stam, who is a designer’s close friend. The story says that Jacobs created the bag for a model, because she didn’t have one, where her whole portfolio would fit. Ever since 2006, when the bag came out, it gathered a huge mass of admirers. The classy look a la Chanel with golden chain and accessories gives the bag an elegant but modern look. The price for it starts at $1350 for smaller versions and $1450 for the original size.

From left : Jessica Stam, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Lopez

YSL Muse

Ever since this ‘it' bag came out first, it was pretty much always sold out immediately. It has been spotted with a lot of celebrities like Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and others. The price starts at over $1000 but it doesn’t stop fashionistas all around the globe in getting them in different colors. The Muse has an oval design with double zip and big straps, which gives it a perfect proportion. The bag was launched in 2006 and it virtually became an overnight success. Despite the launch of its newer sister Muse II in 2008, it’s still more popular and desired.

From left: Lindsay Lohan and Khloe Kardasian

Mulberry Alexa 2010?

I’ve decided to put this bag on a list but with a question mark since it’s just appeared in stores and is a part of Mulberry’s SS10 collection. I fell in love with this bag ever since I saw it. It’s a new item to have and sold out everywhere. Named after British model/ TV hostess Alexa Chung might be a first “it” bag of the decade. Alexa was seen sporting it during few events already and it looks like celebs are going to follow. New York based socialite Olivia Palermo has one in her collection already. I’ve put it immediately on my net-a-porter wish list. It costs €1000 but I guess that’s why they’ve created credit cards, right? We’re going to find out soon if Alexa bag could be called the “it” bag. For now we can call it – the “it” bag of the season.

Alexa Chung with a brown version of the bag named after her:

From left : Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo

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