Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ella Simms' style (Melrose Place 2009-2010)

The new "Melrose Place" series came to an end, at least its first season. I must say I am a fan of both the old and new series and really hope to see it back in the fall. While waiting for CW's announcement, I'd like to pay a little tribute to a "Melrose Place" character Ella Simms, played by Katie Cassidy. Ella Simms is a blond and beautiful publicist, who'd like to make her name in a PR business and is ready to do it at any cost.

Katie Cassidy was first spotted by me in a "Harper's Island" series, where she played a fiancée to the main character. She is slowly making her way to the top in Hollywood just as her character in "Melrose Place". She will soon be seen in the remake of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and hopefully coming back to the "Melrose Palce" set to again wear shoes and clothes of Ella Simms.

A lot of viewers choose to watch "Melrose Place" especially for Cassidy's character. She's a hard working, savvy and always perfectly dressed PR girl. What I love most about her style is that she's not afraid of trying different things. She wears a lot of short dresses, cool jewellery but also puts on great, big hats or black gloves. Whatever she wears, she always looks fabulous. I really like especially her work style. The way she combines little dresses with cute jackets just makes me want to work for her agency and be able to wear all of those amazing dresses to work.

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