Sunday, March 16, 2014

Capsule Collection #1

Creating a capsule collection is a true goal of mine. It’s also a real challenge. To own this perfect black jacket, perfect pair of blue jeans and white shirt is a must in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The idea seems easy. Simply get those classics, put in your wardrobe and the job is done. That would be perfect right? But it’s not so easy if you want to do it properly. The whole purpose of creating such capsule collection is to get the best of the best. Clothes that would be a perfect fit and of impeccable quality that would last a lifetime.

To be honest I’ve never really thought of investing in clothes. I am a true believer of investing in accessories. I have a ‘list’ of the items I’d like to add to my wardrobe – shoes, bags, jewelry. Very simple and classic. That I am trying to add to my collection every so often.
Now I’ve decided to take the next step and put together a list of the ‘it’ items I would build my wardrobe on. First thing is to realize what your style is and what makes you most comfortable. I feel like I’ve finally got there.  And I am ready to invest!

So what my style is all about?
I am very much of a French girl style person. I love skinny jeans preferably in black that I wear with simple shirts and jackets (again preferably in black). I like a splash of color and spring and summer times bring out those. That’s when I love to go crazy. I wear more dresses and play more girlie for sure. Where I live unfortunately those summer months go away very fast and we’re back to the uniform favorites.
So here is where the fun starts ... Today I am going to focus on first category - JEANS. 


Who can imagine their lives without at least one pairs of perfect cut jeans? It doesn't matter if that's slim cut, boot cut or boyfriend. They need to be a great choice for you. For me my whole wardrobe revolves around jeans - both blue and black. They are a great staple in every woman's closet. They can be worn to school, work, on a date or even to a job interview. I am always trying to find a perfect pair that would be the style I feel most comfortable in. I am not sure whether that time would come ... EVER! For now I am a huge fan of Topshop's Baxter Skinny Jeans. I heard that Leigh's are also amazing as well so I am going to try them soon as well. With spring/summer time comes nicer weather and also a possibility of changing those long sleeves into some nice shorts. I love jeans shorts and they are my summer weekend staple and so they land in my capsule collection as well. 

I've never tried a pair of high end brand jeans like J Brand, 7 for all Mankind, Acne Studios or Current/Elliott. I am really looking forward to trying them on and possibly finding the PERFECT pair among them. In the end so many people swear by those. 

Denim is the place to go. There are denim shirts, denim skirts, denim hats ... But in my opinion they are the add-ons to a perfect pair of jeans, jacket and summer shorts. 

On my list:
- Cropped denim jacket - Acne one is perfect!
- Boyfriend style jeans - love the ones from Gap
- Shorts for the summer - high wasted, please!
- And still on the lookout for the perfect style of skinny jeans for me :)

Stay tuned for more choices for my Capsule Collection!

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