Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lait de Coco? What?!

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Karl Lagerfeld did it again. He’s created not only a fashion show but a whole world, into which we were invited for few minutes. But if you’ve expected a magical world as seen during previous Chanel shows, you could have been disappointed. This time around Karl brought us somewhere closer, to a place we all know very well and where all of us go every day ... to a convenient store.

Yes, Chanel at a regular store. Shocked? Some people definitely were. But Lagerfeld seems to be saying that style doesn’t necessarily need to be associated only with Rue Cambon, 5th Avenue or Corso Como. We can wear Chanel and be chic in all aspects of our lives, wherever we are and it’s not about just putting on a show (literally!). Karl is bringing fashion closer to us and we cannot love him more for that!
So how does a shopping goer look according to Chanel? First of all it’s all about being comfortable. Flats or sneakers are a must and it seems that Lagerfeld is saying that it’s OK to leave heels at home from time to time. Bring you bag pack with you (from Chanel’s ss2014 collection of course!), a pair of CC trainers and go get some milk.
Chanel’s recent show reminded me a lot of the 80s style. Oversized coats, tacky jewelry - everything a little over the top. I am in love with shopping baskets and I am curious whether they would be used at Chanel stores any time soon. I am sure the milk bag will get the iconic status really soon looking at the coverage it gets in the media and among bloggers.
On the other hand what Lagerfeld is also playing with fire. Fashion houses like Chanel are known for being one of a kind. For creating this world of luxury, something that we aim to. It’s true that nowadays we are closer and closer to this world, we travel, visit and shop at those stores all around the world. Everything became more reachable. Karl Lagerfeld is a great observer of today’s world. He knows what’s going on and where we’re heading.  And where we’re heading apparently is shopping. Consumptionism at its best.  

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