Friday, January 2, 2015

My top 5 favorite VOGUE covers of 2014

Ok so the year is over and it’s time to look into what happened in Vogue in the past 12 months. So judging by the name of my my blog you probably figured by now I’m a huge fan of ‘Vogue’ magazines. Each month I get the US and UK editions while other editions especially Paris, Spain and Italy as much as I can. I of course follow online what’s happening in all the editions all around the globe and today I’d like to share with you my top 5 favorite covers of the past year! 

Firstly I'm warning you it will be a very subjective post. I’m sure about it! When I‘ve started thinking about the covers from the past year which have impacted me mostly maybe 1 or 2 came to my mind. Then I’ve started going over my collection plus files on my computer and I’ve found few more. I was very surprised that there wasn’t many more ... Maybe it’s me. I’ve been looking at the ‘Vogue’ covers of various editions for the past decade now. Maybe I need something extraordinary or simply surprising to make an impact anymore? Or maybe the editors are simply playing safe? Choosing similar ideas which in the end get bland against all others? Don’t get me wrong I love looking at the beautiful faces staring at me from the covers but in my opinion we’re missing the freshness and this so called “je ne sais quoi” which is surprising enough since the editorials inside the issues are often out of this world. I remember going to the Horst exhibit in London back in October and looking at the old covers from the 60s, 50s, 40s and even 20s! They felt so arty and original. For me that’s what ‘Vogue’ is all about and I simply miss the good old days sometimes.

Ok it got very depressing. Let’s stop. There were some covers back in 2014 which made me ‘awww’ and ‘wowww’ for days. Let me show you my favorite covers from last year. Tell me what you think about them and share your picks!

 5. US Vogue February 2014 - Lena Dunham by Annie Leibovitz 

OK so I simply love Lena and this cover had to be put on the list. I love the 60s ‘Twiggy’ vibe coming out of the cover but at the same time we’re still able to see her comedian insights.

 4. US Vogue September 2014 – the Models by Mario Testino

They are back!  It’s a blast from the past and Anna Wintour has put models back where they place is ... well at least for one month. Nevertheless September was a big month for US Vogue as usual and I think we are all were happy. Note to myself – being happy seeing model on a Vogue cover. Never thought this day will come.

 3. Vogue Paris June / July 2014 - Natasha Poly by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

That was one of my favorite covers of the whole year. Great and original photo, Natasha looks very fresh and summery. Couldn’t keep my eyes of her. Definitely my favorite summer cover.

 2. Vogue Italia September 2014 – 50 Models (!) by Steven Meisel 

Ok so there are 50 models on the cover of Vogue Italia ... yeah just like any other month ... NOT. What an incredibly surprising choice and execution. It’s a 25th birthday edition for Vogue Italia and the sepia toned cover could not be a better choice.

 1. China Vogue December 2014 - Xiao Wen Ju by Tim Walker 

I love everything about his cover! The poise of the model, the popping red, the calligraphy ink. To me it’s making one beautiful image and I haven’t seen anything striking like that in the past months. Just WOW!

I hope that 2015 will bring even more extraordinary covers, editorials, photos in Vogues all around the world. Look out for the monthly reviews that are to come this year. Hope you’ll all have a fantastic 2015!

‘till next time, M.

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