Monday, May 4, 2015

VOGUE Festival 2015 – Report and highlights

Participating in an event as VOGUE Festival is a must and true necessity for all VOGUE lovers out there. The festival is a quintessence of what magazine stands for. Of course there is fashion, but there is also beauty, art, inspiration, fun and wit. If you want to absorb it all you probably would have to call Hermione Granger and borrow her time turner for a day or two. There are the classes, talks, masterclasses, make-up and hair stylings, VOGUE cover shoots and many more. I found myself taking part in few of them and will share them with you today.

It was my second time going to the event and I am really impressed how the organizers are stepping up every time. This year the event took place for the first time in two venues at once: Royal College of Art and Royal Geographical Society. The College was a main event hall where you could have drunk a coffee, bought Vogue accessories, shot a Vogue cover or participate in a Vogue Masterclass. The latter was used for talks with some of the greatest names in fashion. I particularly loved an auditorium at the Geographical Society, which was more intimate than last year’s South Bank Center.

I’ve participated in three talks and one masterclass during those 2 days and I’ve left London feeling very inspired and motivated to continue my journey. Imagine seeing and listening live to all those people you’ve admired and whom you’ve followed throughout the years on social media and online. I felt honored and at the same time it was very entertaining! Both guests and talk hosts did an amazing job!

Highlights of the 2 days:

Christian Louboutin

His red sole stilettos are one of the most famous shoes in the whole world and I was curious how the man itself accomplished what he did? Louboutin said few times that it was all due to luck and lack of planning. In 1991 he opened his first store in Paris with help of his two best friends (who are his business partners until today!) in a not so popular street. One thing I remember him saying was that it doesn’t matter where your store is – if people want to buy your product, they will find it anyway.

Olivier Rousteing

Young designer spoke about believing in your dreams and working hard at the same time. He talked about his success at you age and how his private life had to be put on hold for this time as well. He spoke about his Balmain army, glamour parties and how to take a great selfie! He also shared that he doesn’t believe in reading reports but prefers to check out comments on his Instagram. His talk with Alexa Chung was extremely entertaining and funny. You can check out clips of the interview below:

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi is a brand herself. Meeting a woman who stands behind some of my favorite make-up products was a dream come true. Among different topics she discussed were one of her makeup staples – first foundation ever to have a shade for each of us! She told us that she hates the whole idea of contouring! Nothing natural about – that’s for sure. As a successful businesswoman she told us that her family always comes first. Beginning of the year she would put all the important dates of her 3 sons’ calendars into her own agenda to know when to be at home for them. True inspiration! You can check out clips of the interview below:

On top of all the talks I’ve participated in a Fashion Journalism Masterclass with Vogue Journalists. But more about that I’ll share with you in a separate post J

Have a lovely day!

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