Monday, December 29, 2014

Anja’s scent

Anja Rubik has been a face of many perfumes in the past. DKNY, Elia Saab, Chloé, Armani, Fendi, YSL … the list seems to never end. It was then a natural step for the supermodel to create her own fragrance. And she did! Last month ‘ORIGINAL’ hit the ‘Inglote’ stores in the limited edition and here are few thoughts about it.

According to Anja her scent was created to provoke and inspire, to remind women about their inner strength and originality. The fragrance itself is defining the uniqueness of women’s style, who courageously moves ahead down the designated road. She’s the woman who is fierce and not afraid of challenges. Just like Anja herself and who would not want to be like her?!

The scent itself is very ying and yang. Black and white. Very strong and very delicate at the same time. I personally needed a moment to truly feel what ‘Original’ has to offer and it comes in a few seconds. Lillies are the base here. A supermodel said in one of her interviews that she was inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe, who often showed lilies in his photographs. Other scents which can be found in the perfume include green tea, pink pepper as well as wooden aroma. Great mixture!

If just like Anja you’re not afraid to create your own paths or you need this little kick of inspiration to help you keep moving forward - ‘Original’ will be perfect for you! 

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