Monday, March 29, 2010

If I was a rich girl ... Geometrical tops

Sometimes it’s hard not to go crazy with the credit card when you see such great designer pieces. Last night I’ve been researching one of my favorite store to shop in the future (when I’ll afford it of course) which is
I've been looking at those pages for about an hour, when I've realized I'm choosing very geometrical tops and blouses. That's a new thing for me especially since I really hated math and everything that goes with it. This time I just might make a peace with it because I love this trend and how the material is being sewed together.

This is what I've found and what I've put on my wish list :

First one is a blouse from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. It's a Crepe adjustable-collar blouse for €369.29! I simply love the shape and color of it!

When I saw this Jil Sander Eos asymmetric stretch-jersey top I DIED ;) Its shape is great. Geometric slevees just make it more interesting. Simple but original and perfect for both work and evening going out. If only it didn't cost €330!

I just adore this Moschino Bow-detailed cotton-blend top! I like Especially how neck is almost all covered in the back and how the cotton covers model's back.!Could be yours for €488.21

There is something about this Marc Jacobs' Faux-pearl-embellished satin top that just can't make you forget about it! Black satin with pearls is one of the best combinations there could be. With its shape and the way material covers shoulders it could be a great date top. There just would be a shame to rip it off since it looks really fragile and costs €860 ;)

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