Friday, July 3, 2009

Style crash of the moment - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a child of a legendary couple - Serge Gainsbourg, a French singer and Jane Birkin - English actress and fashion icon (Hermes 'Birkin' bag is named after her). She was born in '71 in London and ever since she was a little girl, she was singing and acting in movies. I guess having parents like that it's hard not to. She was amazing in 'Prête-moi ta main' and 'La Science des rêves'. Lately she played with late Heath Ledger in 'I'm not there' and this year she can be seen in most anticipated movie by Lars von Trier 'The Antichrist', for which she got Palm D'Or in Cannes last May. I've just watched this movie and fell in love with her style once again.

Charlotte is known for her minimal fashion choices, which I love by the way. They are very French and look like she doesn't put any effort in thinking what to throw on in the morning. See the pictures below for some style inspiration.

Charlotte Gainsbourg celebrity profile

Charlotte Gainsbourg celebrity profile

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