Friday, July 3, 2009

Inspired by ... 90210

Actors from the new Beverly Hills 90210 series are back on the set of their popular TV - series shooting some beach scenes. From the pictures that leaked to the Internet we can see some colorful summery clothes. Since finally it looks like summer has started here in Poland I felt like it's time to think about some summer clothes ideas.

While spending some time searching the online Topshop store, I've found few pieces that reminded me of those 90210 girls are wearing. So here are my clothing options inspired by the picture. They are all chosen from and they are really not that expensive (excluding Ray Bans obviously) so all of us can afford them.

Check them out and maybe you'll find something for yourself!

Naomi's style:

Bleach Hotpant - Price:£22.00, Pink Knotted Triangle Bikini Top - Price:£7.00, Two Tone Twisted Lock Bag in Aqua - Price:£35.00, Wooden Heart Necklace - Price:£9.00, Turquoise Ray - Bans £117.00 from (£73 for clothes + £117 for Ray Bans = £190 total)

Erin's style:

Frayed Hotpant Shorts - Price:£25.00, Knot Front Swimsuit - Price:£25.00, Pearl Knot Necklace Price:£12.00, Leather Tassel Cross Body Bag - Price:£32.00 (£94 total)

Adrianna's style:

One Shoulder Swimsuit - Price:25.00, High Waisted Basque Hotpant - Price:£28.00, Leather Metal Corner Bag - Price:£90.00, Owl Short Pendant - Price:£6.00, Pink Ray - Bans £115.00 from (£149 for clothes + £115 for Ray Bans = £264 total)

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