Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CHANEL limits

As we’re approaching a new global Chanel price increase tomorrow I once again wonder whether the bar set out this high would ever stop moving and finally find a cozy place at one constant level. Is there a point where enough is enough? Where we simply won't buy one more bag because the prices are pretty horrendous. Will it ever get to this? And are there any limits to us - as costumers - in buying Chanel? Or maybe it’s all worth it? Read on if you’d like to learn opinion of one European girl with not that big wallet.

I first read about Chanel prices increase while in Paris and few hours after visiting their historic Cambon store. Once again I simply couldn’t NOT enjoy looking at and trying on my dream bag – classic flap in medium with silver hardware. I knew that the prices would go up but didn’t expect it to be so high and so soon since it seems like the prices of Chanel classics have been getting higher and higher steadily every couple of months.

For a person who’s trying to put her money aside each month to actually get to the point where I’d able to go to Paris and buy the bag myself it’s like a Sisyphean task. You simply never get to the point where you’re done, where you’ve finished collecting and can enjoy it now because every few months the prices are going up. This part is personally the most frustrating for me and I wish I would have bought this bad ten years ago when the price was actually OK.

I totally get Chanel’s approach. It’s about aligning prices worldwide, preparing themselves for the e-store coming in 2016 and I believe simply making it more fair for customers all around the globe (fighting resellers and fakes). I really like this idea and reasoning behind the actions. I understand that my feelings are strictly selfish but how could they not be? I bet some Chanel fans in China (where prices will drop) must be very happy at the moment (I am really happy for you guys J) but please allow me my grieving for few more days. I am almost done, promise.

The bag which tops my dream list is Chanel’ M/L Classic flap bag in SH. Current price in Paris - €3550. Starting April 8th it would be way over €4000. I know that I have to put into my mind that it would be something around €4200 now. The bar went higher and If I’d like to own a Chanel, I have to make peace with it.

The question is  - should I?

On March 17th mad as I was I thought that €3550 is my personal limit. It’s even too much in the first place! I thought enough is enough. At this speed of price increases I will not be able to get this bag ever. Now I am thinking that I will cave. CHANEL – what are you doing to me? And why you might ask? Chanel to me stands for prestige, history, power and Mademoiselle herself. It’s classic and handmade. It’s one in a lifetime piece which will be treasured forever. I might not get it this or next year but I have a feeling my time will come (it better!). I just need to fight for it a little bit more and a little bit longer. The only thing that matters to me is that I believe  Chanel is actually worth it. And as long as the price will not jump to €10.000 any time soon, I believe my day would come.

By the way I am curious whether CHANEL prices would ever fly that high? Can you imagine a classic flap or Boy to be priced at €10.000? Would we still buy them? I guess Chanel is limitless in the end ...

What do you think about Chanel’s price increase?

WOC - my only Chanel until now

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