Friday, July 2, 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim - Jumpsuit vs. Playsuit


I adore Philip Lim. He’s a genius and he’s summer collection is a perfect combination of youthfull playsuits and comfy jumpsuits. It would be really hard to choose between those two especially when you look at the examples made by celebrities. First let’s look at Lauren Conrad in a dark blue jumpsuit. She looks amazing especially while combined with brown accessories. Heels and especially a belt make a statement.

One of my forever – favorites Diane Kruger stepped out in a 3.1. Philip Limp playsuit, which she paired with a purple sweater. This combination of mint with purple is the one I love! Diane looks great in everything, nevertheless the look she was sporting was a perfect choice for a summer day. Fellow actress Rachel Bilson chose the same playsuit as well but in black. She’s decided to pair it with some black stockings too. I personally prefer Ms. Kruger style but Rachel styled herself perfectly as well.

So which one would you choose from Mr. Lim - a jumpsuit or a playsuit?

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  1. oh no, Diane Kruger maybe has a style, but her face...grrrr